Experiential Trial Lesson

Experience why over 800 students choose Making Sense every year. Further customise your experience with a choice of Signature Structured Program or Personalised Learning (PL)

Learn from the very best

Each lesson is a complete package specially curated to give students a power-packed and mind-blowing experience!

  • Experience a full programme from basic content review to testing your understanding with hands-on guided practices!
  • We ensure all our students have a peace of mind. You will be in safe hands as we walk the academic journey with you.
  • We have helped: thousands of students since 2011, with over 800 students each year; we can help you too.
  • COVID-19: Safe distancing is ensured at all times but our tutors are still able to provide you with individual attention and personal engagement.

“Just do the things we ask of you,
and your grades will come”

As featured on Channel NewsAsia and The Straits Times, founder, Mr. William Lin
spearheads a team of highly qualified team to guide students towards academic
excellence in O-levels, IP and A-levels Chemistry

Parents are highly encouraged to make a trip down to learn more about the programme and understand our learning system.

  • Gather feedback about your child and how we can help to improve his/her grades
  • If your child is satisfied with the trial lesson, enjoy a special discount when you register for class on the day of the trial lesson
  • Learn more about our upcoming special events like webinars and experience days

Fees for the trial lesson
will be pro-rated to 1 lesson.

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