JC and Secondary tutors, how can you skyrocket your student base and be a highly sought-after tutor in the industry?


Are you a tutor or teacher who can make a genuine difference to students?


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If you are looking for a major transformation in your life, with a consistent enrollment of at least 100 students every year, we can help you get there.

Before we go into details, let’s see if we are a correct fit for each other. If you:


Have a passion to teach

✅ Are charismatic and have an engaging personality

✅ Love interacting with students

✅  Willing to go the extra mile for students


We are confident we can help you to get there.

What makes us so confident?


It’s because we have the know-how and have successfully proven that it can be done. Making Sense is a premier tuition centre in Singapore that specialise in only 1 subject – Chemistry and takes in students only from secondary 3 to JC 2. With a niche market and extremely small pool of potential students, together with strong competition, survival will seem difficult, doesn’t it? The fact is, while most centres are struggling to fill their seats, our classes are almost certainly to sell out, with close to 1000 students every year. These numbers are achieved even though our fees are one of the highest in the industry.


A typical class at Making Sense


How did we gather such a strong following of loyal students and parents, who constantly refer friends and relatives in Making Sense? There are many factors behind our success which we are not going to share in public, but year after year, we have consistently been the market leader in this field, with a student base probably 2 to 3 times more than the closest competitor.


Our classes are ever-growing and we are looking for the best teachers / tutors  to be part of our team. We must stay true to our students and we are looking only for the cream of the crops, assembling a team of subject experts that can make a genuine difference to our students. It will be suitable only for teachers/tutors who fit the following criteria


1) Familiar with A-level / O-level Chemistry and IP syllabus

2) At least 5 years of teaching experience (For senior positions) Junior tutors may also apply to be mentored by the senior tutors 

3) Able to handle classes of 15 or more

4) Consistent track record of success

5) Dynamic and engaging personality

6) Passion to teach and interact with students


Subjects experts we are looking for (Full Time Position Only)

1. A-Level Chemistry / Physics / Maths / Econs and General Paper

2. O-Level and IP Chemistry / Physics / Maths / Econs and English


Growing with You

As part of our family, we see it as our responsibility to grow your numbers. We will work closely with you, share our experiences with you (what has worked and what hasn’t) and grow together with you.


If you are all set and ready to have a major transformation in life, fill up the form right away by clicking here!

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