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Making Sense was founded by Mr. William Lin, whose dream was not to teach, but to complete his PhD studies to be a Chemist and researcher. While pursuing his graduate studies, he gave private tuition and it was then that he discovered his real passion in teaching. A naturally gifted teacher, he could break down complex concepts easily and students made remarkable progress under his coaching. Realising that teaching is his true calling, he took a giant leap of faith, gave up his PhD scholarship, and went into full-time teaching.

By helping students connect the dots and applying proven techniques, students who initially hated Chemistry found joy and confidence in the subject. To William, this is the most satisfying aspect of his work, witnessing the progress of students and how he can make a true difference in their academic journey and lives.  

To date, Making Sense has grown into an award-winning tuition centre in Singapore with a full-fledged team of dedicated teachers that specialise in Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) tuition for Secondary and JC students. 

In addition to our signature Chemistry structured classes, we also offer Personalised Learning (PL) classes to ensure effective learning for all students and to set us apart from a one-size-fits-all centre.

We have been refining our teaching pedagogy and materials for the past 10 years to develop a robust programme that maximises learning. Lessons are enlivened with stories and anecdotes from everyday life to make the subject come alive for students. It is our goal to provide the best Science and Chemistry tuition in Singapore, translating the passion of our teachers to the joy of learning for our students.

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Making Sense was founded in 2011 by Mr. William Lin. He began Making Sense’s humble operations along Carpenter Street with 32 students. It was a one-man operation offering JC Chemistry tuition as the only subject.


Excellent teaching and transformational results from students catalysed the growth of Making Sense. Supportive parents/students gave their endorsements about Making Sense and within 3 years, Making Sense had a strong following of over 500 students per year. In 2014, Making Sense relocated to the heart of Bugis to be more conveniently accessible to students. New tutors were trained to embark on the O-Level Chemistry Programme. In the next few years, Making Sense’s reputation in the tuition industry grew rapidly, with our work recognised by several Enterprise Prestige awards and heavily featured in the media including The Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia.


2019 marked a significant milestone with the opening of a 2nd outlet at Beauty World Centre. Already established as a powerhouse and the leading Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore, the opening of a 2nd outlet allowed Making Sense to extend our help to students staying in the west, leading to a breakthrough year for us of over 800 students in a single year. Despite our growth, we never once deviated from our value of going the extra mile and delivering the best Chemistry tuition to students.


Following the success of 2019, Making Sense opened a 3rd outlet at Marymount CC, located next to Eunoia Junior College (EJC). 

Indigo Education Group, a Premier JC and Secondary Express Tuition Centre in Singapore, recognised the growth potential of Making Sense and both companies went into a partnership. The partnership is a strategic move as both companies are the leading tuition centres in English and Chemistry respectively.

The partnership between Making Sense and Indigo is successful as both companies began to streamline processes and operations into one entity. 

Indigo Education Group is portfolio company of Tower Capital Asia, a leading South East Asia Private Equity Firm whose portfolio companies include household brands such as “I Can Read” and “Eu Yan Sang” 


Indigo Education Group completed their investment to becoming a majority stakeholder of Making Sense. Together with “I Can Read”, Indigo & Making Sense formed a constitution of educational platform under the guidance and leadership of Tower Capital Asia. Founder Mr. William Lin is now a valuable member of the Senior Management Team of Indigo Education Group. Both companies will work hand-in-hand to provide the best education service and experience to students and parents.