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Be Amazed by the transformation you will see for yourself that will help you Ace your Chemistry Papers

As featured in Channel NewsAsia and the Straits Times, highly sought-after Chemistry tutor Mr William Lin and his team of tutors at Making Sense Learning Centre help over 700 students achieve their desired Chemistry grades every year.

For a limited time, the nation’s leading Chemistry tuition centre is offering you a complimentary free trial (only for new students) to experience the renowned delivery of their tutors and receive a copy of the current materials used in class.

Expect the following

  • Exceptional Teaching
  • First-Class Materials
  • You as a happy and enlightened student


Seeing is believing.

Experience for yourself today why Making Sense is Singapore’s leading Chemistry Tuition Specialist!
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Venue: 116 Middle Road ICB Enterprise House, #09-02 Singapore 188972
(Nearest MRT: Bugis, Bras Basah)

In this 2-hour free trial, you will:

  • Find out how award-winning super tutor, Mr. William Lin, manages to ignite the interests of thousands of students on a seemingly dry and boring subject. (Hint: He can be really funny… or lame)
  • Discover techniques, meticulously developed by William and his team of tutors, that help you remember and absorb complicated Chemistry concepts.
  • Gain access to top quality materials, matched against those of the best schools. These notes are not available anywhere else, except for students of Making Sense only.
  • Receive step-by-step guidance of your thinking process in face of challenging questions – something which most students have the least confidence in.
  • Have a changed mindset about Chemistry, and finally make sense of all those reactions that you have been struggling to understand and attach meaning to.
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Why Making Sense?

Consistent results, year after year

Approximately 90% of our students achieve A or B grade for their A/O level every year, and over 97% of our students show improvement in their grades after joining Making Sense.

Top quality materials

Many of our students rely heavily on our notes to ace their examinations. Most of them thought that the notes are detailed, yet concise.

We structure the contents on the notes so that they are easy to read, and every single time you go through the notes reinforces the theories and concepts quickly and effectively.

Award winning tutor

From TV, newspaper to SMRT station display panels, William is one of the most prestigious Chemistry tutor you can have in the nation. Well known for his dynamic, effective and enlightening lecture style, students often find themselves immersed in his lessons.

Testimonials from Making Sense Students

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Thousands of Happy Students

97% of our students show improvement in their grades after joining Making Sense. Join Making Sense now to experience the best Chemistry tuition in the nation.

What are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain

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Fri 7.15PM – 9.15PM (Few Seats Left)Sat 10AM – 12PM (Few Seats Left)Sun 2:30PM – 4:30PM (Few Seats Left)Sun 4:45PM – 6:45PM (New & smaller group)
JC 2 (H2)
Thu 7.15PM – 9.15PM (Few Seats Left)Fri 5PM – 7PM (Few Seats Left)Sat 12.15PM – 2.15PM (Few Seats Left)Sat 2.30PM – 4.30PMSat 4:45PM – 6:45PM (New & smaller group)Sun 10AM – 12PM (Few Seats Left)Sun 12.15PM – 2.15PM (Few Seats Left)
Sec 3 / IP Year 3
Fri 7.15PM – 9.15PMSat 10AM – 12PMSun 10AM – 12PM

Sec 4 / IP Year 4
Thur 7.15PM – 9.15PM (New & Smaller Group)Fri 5PM – 7PM (Few Seats Left)Sat 12.15PM – 2.15PM (Few Seats Left)Sat 2.30PM – 4.30PM (Few Seats Left)Sun 12.15PM – 2.15PM (Few Seats Left)
IB Year 6
Sun 2.30PM – 4.30PM

*1 to 1 coaching is also available. However, due to limited slots, we do not provide free trials for 1 to 1 coaching.

Due to overwhelming response & close to 100% conversion, we have very limited seats for our trial classes. We consider all our trial students to be genuinely interested to join our program after the trial session. If you have no real intention to join us after the trial, kindly leave the seats for others who are keen and eager to transform their grades with us. Thank you for your understanding & we look forward to serving you! 🙂

Fees for regular classes

A-level / IB - $100/lesson

O-Level / IP - $85/lesson