Why Choose us

Why is Making Sense Singapore's most sought after Chemistry tuition Centre with over 800 students every year?

We Deliver Excellent Results

Year after year, we have produced exceptional results. Approximately 90% of our students achieve A or B grade for their A'Level and 92% achieved at least a B3 for their O'Level.

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(Check out our top performers in recent A ‘Level examinations). Please also note that we do not select our students, we offer help to anyone with a keen interest to work hard and improve their grades. A significant proportion of our students come from non-elite colleges.

We have been tried and trusted by thousands

Every year, more than 600 students flock to Making Sense to be coached by Mr William. He has worked with over 5000 students to date.

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He is the primary reason why students flock to Making Sense. Widely seen by students and parents as “the guy to go for” when one needs help in Chemistry, William displays immense passion for teaching, which has transformed the grades and perceptions of countless students towards Chemistry, from their most feared subject to one of their favourite.

In this result-driven industry, students often change tutors the moment “things don’t look too good”. For a tutor to be consistently trusted by over 500 students every year is an achievement not easily matched by many across the nation.

You will work with the best across the nation

Mr William's clarity in his lesson delivery will beat most tutors hands down.

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The most important trait to be a good teacher is the ability to explain concepts to students in a way that is easily understood. His ability to link up concepts to allow students to see the bigger picture and his fluency in his delivery is his greatest asset. Any student who sat in to Mr William’s class can attest to his “godly” delivery, hitting the “bulls eye” every time he explains a difficult concept.

His lessons are dynamic, amazingly effective and enlightening. They are ever so well-received, and his students all look forward to attending his class every week. (Read his testimonials).

Mr William has been featured on ChannelNewsAsia, The Straits Times, Popclub and various magazines.

Top Quality Materials

Our best notes are reserved only for students of Making Sense. We take great pain and efforts to develop customised materials for our students.

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Every year, we match our materials against those of the best colleges and try to better them. Our notes are well-structured: detailed yet concise, and they are so easy to read that it flows like a novel. If we were to compile our notes into a book for sale in commercial bookstores, it may be one of the best sellers. However, our best notes are reserved only for students of Making Sense. Many of our students rely heavily on our notes to ace their examinations. These are one of their most powerful tools to help them stay ahead of the national average.

Flexible Schedule

You sure are busy. We have not yet met a modern-day student who is not pressed for time.

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We specialise only in Chemistry. Hence, we offer multiple time slots for the same level and subject within the same week. No stress when you cannot make it for your usual slot, there is always a makeup class available for you. With this flexibility, even the busiest of students will be able to find a slot to attend.

Complimentary 1-to-1 Coaching

We understand your need for individual attention, and we are always readily available for you.

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We are conscious that students require individual attention. They may need to clarify concepts, or need help to solve questions. Thus, we encourage our students to arrange for one-to-one consultations whenever they need extra coaching. We are so glad to offer this service to our students completely free of charge. We really want our students to maximise their learning with us.

Chemistry & Only Chemistry

We Specialise - That's why we are the best.

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We have a strong team of specialised tutors who channel all our efforts into the only subject that we do. Rest assured that you are getting the best from our tutors.




Is private tuition or group tuition more effective?

Some students and parents prefer private tuitions as they provide one-to-one consultation and 100% attention and focus on the student. While the student may get undivided attention, the truth is that truly capable teachers with good expertise and skills are not able to provide home tuition. They usually set up tuition centres to reach out to more students. Plus, these teachers are so sought-after that they do not have enough time to privately tutor each student. A google search for Super Tutors will reveal that none of them offer one-to-one tuition.

Let’s consider this:

  • South Korean super tutor Kim Ki-hoon tutors more than 150,000 students annually;
  • Celebrity Hong Kong super tutor Richard Eng has more than 50,000 students;
  • Renowned peak performance coach Anthony Robbins has more than 5000 participants every seminar

If individual tuition or those in small groups are really the most effective, then why do people still willingly pay to squeeze into their classes? Why are these educators so successful in reaching out to so many people? The answer is simple – they are able to communicate effectively to larger audiences without compromising on quality. By demand, the best tutors in the industry will always be conducting larger group tuition, just like how the best restaurants are expected to be full house and the best chicken rice stall to have a long queue.  If a tutor claims to specialise in one-to-one or small group tuition, it is probably just a nice way to conceal the lack of demand for his/her service. Anyone with the demand and expertise will definitely try to scale up. Hence, engaging private tutors may not necessarily be the best option. We have proven this to be true because many of the students who signed up with Making Sense had unsuccessful one-to-one tuition.

Through experience, it is not the class size, but the delivery and the precision of the lecturer that really matters. If you ever had the experience of having different lecturers in the same lecture group, your experience will tell you that some lecturers are good and able to link up concepts effortlessly while poor lecturers speak all over the place. Really good lecturers can be effective even to larger groups. Thousands of our ex-students can easily justify this claim.


We offer you the best of both worlds

Home tuition has the obvious advantage of convenience and individual attention given by the tutor. However, it is unlikely for home tutors to invest time to develop quality materials that give students the competitive advantage. Most home tuitions are usually consultations, where the student consults the tutor based on materials provided by the school. In addition, home tuition can be quite costly. Good home tutors typically charge between $100 – $140 per hour. ($1120 per month).

In a group setting, the main drawbacks will be the need to travel and the tutor having to coach other students in the same class. However, only good tuition in class setting will be able to provide excellent materials that give students the extra edge. Having other students in the same class will also translate to lower costs for the parents. In addition, the best tutors are competent enough to be effective even to larger audiences. Getting students interested, capturing their attention and making them learn well is an art that only the very best tutors can execute to perfection. Here at Making Sense, we strive to be out of the ordinary and offer you the best combination you can possibly ask for – the premium service of excellent coaching and materials plus the added bonus of unlimited one-to-one consultations, all these at a very reasonable fee per month.

 Success is not by chance.

It’s about finding the best people to guide you through your journey.

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We Know Best How You Should Learn Chemistry

Joining Making Sense will probably be one of your best ever decisions