Customise your Learning

At Making Sense, we understand that every student has different learning needs. In addition to our signature Chemistry structured classes, we also offer Personalised Learning (PL) classes to ensure effective learning for all students and to set us apart from a one-size-fits-all centre.

Structured Programme

Our signature programme which sells out every year. A classroom session that follows a structured syllabus that has been tried and tested to secure Distinctions for students.

Perfect for independent and quick learners looking to beat the bell curve and stay ahead of competition. With a strong emphasis on application-based teaching, students are exposed to a variety of higher order thinking (HOT) questions.

Students simply have to follow our perfect blueprint mapped out for them. Combined with hard work and a positive attitude, students can expect a jump in their results.

Key features of structured classes:

  • Proven blueprint to secure Distinctions
  • Gain access to quality materials
  • Constant exposure to challenging questions
  • Strong after-class support such as free Telegram consultations and face-to-face consultations

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Personalised Learning

A small and intimate setting where teachers work closely with individual students to address their needs.

Perfect for students who prefer a more customised approach that gives them the flexibility to learn at their own pace, clarify any doubts and to focus on any topics of their choice.

Similar to private tuition, Personalised Learning is conducted in a small group setting that translates to a lower price without compromising on the quality of individual, targeted guidance.

Key Features of Personalised Learning: 

  • Tutor can focus on the specific area the students is struggling with
  • In line with specific school’s syllabus
  • Academic support can be provided immediately if the student has missed out on certain topics at school
  • Immediate and direct coaching can have a profound impact on student’s performance and confidence
  • Tutor can help students improve exam- techniques (eg : time management, treatment of exam questions)
  • Eliminate the fear of asking questions

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