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Why Join Making Sense?

Outstanding Quality

At Making Sense, we have made it a commitment to provide only the best chemistry tutorial services in Singapore.  Our impeccable tutors for JC/O H2/H1 Chemistry students ensure that every lesson is taught using the most practical approach. We tailor-fit our tutoring style based on the understanding of our students.

Reasonable Cost

Our fees are reasonably priced, as we want to extend our help to as many JC/O H2/H1 Chemistry students as possible. We believe that everyone is capable of learning Chemistry, including all the complex concepts which most students are challenged.


We acknowledge that different students have various needs. Others might need more clarification directly from their tutor. In such cases, one-on-one consultation can be offered to further strengthen the knowledge of our J JC/O H2/H1 Chemistry students at Making Sense.

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It is not the same when you learn from the best

Work with only the best. Thousands of students have achieved astounding success with our award-winning tutor. As a leading A’ Level and O’ Level Chemistry tuition centre, Making Sense offers the best H2/H1 Chemistry tuition for JC & O’ Level students. We will make Chemistry fun and simple. Experience your breakthrough with us!

To provide the best Chemistry tuition for students, we strive to develop top quality teaching materials that are on par or perhaps better than the top colleges.  Every year, we invest a huge amount of time reviewing and enhancing our materials. Our tutors engaged in multiple brainstorming sessions, hold intense discussions and review tons of examination scripts to scout for the latest trends to popular questions.

This constant reviewing process ensures that our A’ level and O’ level Chemistry tuition materials are always relevant to the latest syllabus and of the best quality.

Our top-notch materials truly give students of Making Sense a strong edge against their peers –over 97% of our students show improvement in their grades, firmly establishing Making Sense as perhaps the best Chemistry tuition for A’ and O’ level in Singapore.

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Making Sense – Singapore’s leading best A-Level & O-Level Chemistry tuition

How will joining Making Sense benefit you?

Latest Syllabus

To ensure that our JC/O H2/H1 Chemistry students are ahead, we equip ourselves with up-to-date syllabus. From here, we refine our teaching styles to accommodate changes.


Our multiple time slots guarantees that even a busy student could find the right time to learn Chemistry from the best tutor in the country.

Interactive Lessons

Furthermore, we want our lectures to be substantial yet fun. And that is why we use a variety of teaching styles, including demonstrations. This proves to be effective in teaching complex concepts in Chemistry.

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