What makes Making Sense unique?

February 01,2017

According to a Straits Time article in 2014, there were about 850 registered tuition centres and enrichment centres in Singapore. With so many tuition centres to choose from, parents are faced with a daunting decision: “Which tuition centre is the best for my child?”

However, to make your decision easier, you should instead be asking this question: “Which tuition centre is unique and different from the rest?” By using the process of elimination, you will be able to shortlist a handful of choices to choose from.

So, what are the qualities that make Making Sense so unique from the rest?

1. Focused

At Making Sense, we aim to provide only the best Chemistry tuition in Singapore. By specialising in just one single subject, we are able to provide in-depth knowledge and analysis of Chemistry concepts. This focus also enables us to teach any students who are having trouble with Chemistry effectively.

2. Award-winning and experienced Chemistry tutors

For A level – Mr William Lin

Mr William Lin is the only Chemistry Super Tutor who have won multiple prestigious awards in Singapore. He has appeared on TV, national newspaper, SMRT station display panels and various magazines. He is well-known for his dynamic and enlightening lessons, and students have often praised him for making difficult chemistry concepts simple and fun. He takes the extra mile to ensure that every query from his students is answered.

3. Unlimited one-on-one consultations

At Making Sense, the tutors truly understand the need for individual attention, be it to clarify concepts or to solve a question. Besides the mini-consultations held in classes, the tutors of Making Sense also encourage their students to arrange for one-to-one consultations whenever they need extra coaching. That is how dedicated they are to their craft.

4. Exclusive high-quality notes and materials

It is unlikely for home tutors to invest time to develop quality materials that give students the competitive advantage. Most home tuitions are simply consultations, where the student consults the tutor based on materials provided by the school. Some home tutors simply photocopy materials from assessment books.

The tutors in Making Sense, however, match materials against those of the best colleges and try to better them. The notes are well-structured: detailed yet concise, and they are easy to read. If Making Sense were to compile their notes into a book for sale in commercial bookstores, it may be one of the best sellers. Many of the students rely heavily on the notes to ace their examinations.

5. Flexibility in changing lesson schedule

Since Making Sense only specialises in Chemistry, we are able to offer multiple time slots for the same level and subject within the same week. This flexibility allows your child to be able to find a suitable slot in their busy timetable to attend the classes.

Choose the best, choose Making Sense. Register your child for the best chemistry tuition now!