What after A Level Chemistry?

June 25,2020

Chemistry is usually divided into two levels, the first one is the ordinary level and the second one is the Advanced or A level chemistry. A level chemistry is taught at the college and university level, and for students to enroll for the same passing in the O level is necessary. After the A level chemistry course, individuals can step in the corporate sector and choose any career option related to the same.

Regardless to mention that A level chemistry is complex as compared to the initial level, and therefore many people prefer taking guidance from chemistry tutors of A level. Being the last stage of the subject, A level chemistry opens doors to many career options for individuals with a good pay scale and a good job position. Also, chemistry is said to be one of those fields which are required in every sector of any economy; therefore there is a lot of scopes related to the A level chemistry for individuals.

Following are the job positions and career options graduates can go for after completing the A level chemistry from any renowned university or college:

  • Chemistry and research: Chemistry graduates can go to becoming a chemistry scientist and researchers in different sectors and companies. Laboratory-based research has a lot of scope and chemistry is what makes all possible.
  • Chemistry and engineering: Chemical engineer is another option to go with; these people work in sectors like oil, gas, energy, water treatment, food industry, toiletries, plastic processing, and others.
  • Chemistry and healthcare: Healthcare careers for chemists are again related to laboratory experiments. These are usually referred to as a healthcare scientist, and this is one of the most respectful positions one can hold.
  • Chemistry and public sector: Chemistry graduates can also enter the public sector after completing the A level chemistry. Forensic sciences, law, and policy are some of the work areas related to the same. These are one of the most rapidly developing sectors, and people associated with the same advance fast in their careers.

A level chemistry offers endless opportunities to individuals and is one of the most successful graduate areas to go for.