Q. I see that there is a team of tutors, is there a difference between their ability?

The management team is very stringent in the choice of tutors. Our tutors come with very strong credentials (usually first-class honors or masters degree holders) with years of teaching experience. 

Onboarding tutors attend a mentorship program to ensure our tutors meet the highest standards and deliver what is expected of them. Senior tutors mentor and nurture the junior tutors with the intention of having the mentees to outdo their mentors and deliver their best to the students.

Years of experience by founder Mr. William and the senior tutors will be unreservedly passed on to the junior tutors during weekly meetings, from effective classroom management, the precision of delivery, and common misconceptions, to even small but important details such as stage presence and how to best interact with students. We are very proud of the team that we have built as their presence and commitment allow Making Sense to be a fun and vibrant place to work in. 

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Q. What are the qualifications of the tutors?

Our tutors come with strong credentials. Founder Mr. William Lin has been heavily featured in the media as a highly sought-after super tutor while the other tutors are generally either first-class honors or master degree holder. View our tutors’ credentials.

Q. Can students reach out to the tutor after classroom hours?

Yes, our passion and dedication extends beyond classroom hours. Students can send us questions via Telegram or book for additional face-to-face consultation sessions. 

Q. How does the tutor monitor the performance of the students?

After examination periods, our tutors would study students’ examination scripts and analyse it thoroughly with them. Students are hence given a clearer picture on areas leading to the most significant mark loss and advised on ways to reduce the likelihood of committing similar errors in future examinations.  A significant improvement of 10-20 marks is commonly seen after such post-assessment analyses and feedback.

Q. How does the tutor prepare students for major examinations such as mid-year and national examinations?

Tutors will thoroughly review each chapter with students. Students are given chapter summaries, coupled with carefully picked questions of varying difficulty levels from past-year preliminary papers from different schools. Exposed to various unseen questions, students are guided to deconstruct them and answer them in an accurate and concise manner and will be familiarised with a variety of challenging questions for the examinations. We also conduct signature boot camps before major exams, where students are constantly drilled on high order questions. 

Q. Do all the tutors conduct the same syllabus?

Yes, the science department hold weekly meetings to discuss classroom agendas and to disseminate information. Every meeting is detailed and covers aspects such which page of the materials to start and end, which questions to attempt, how to explain concepts and a standard method of delivery. Teachers actively contribute in the meeting as we fine tune our teaching pedagogy. As such, all tutors in the structured classes run the same exact syllabus across all the outlets. 

For students in Personalised Learning (PL), lessons will be different to customise to individual needs and different scheme of work.