Top 5 Frustrations JC Students Face

January 25,2018

If you thought your children survived the trying times of O’ Levels and finally earned themselves a smooth and breezy 2 years in JC, you’re in for a big surprise. JC is a totally different ball game compared to secondary school.

Your children are no longer teenagers, but young adults who are expected to shoulder immense amount of stress and still emerge victorious from the battle. Your child has to live up to expectations coming from all directions, such as from his/her teachers, peers, you and probably the worse of all, himself/herself. Don’t put extra pressure on your child who’s already hard-pressed. Read on to have a better understanding of the frustrations JC students are facing.

1. Stress, stress, stress!

This comes without saying, stress is inevitable in the course of academic pursual. However, the stress your child may experience in JC will be of a whole new level compared to what he/she may have experienced. This is because of the fast-paced academic schedule designed to fit into 2 short years. New JC students are expected to adapt almost immediately and keep up with the race. Furthermore, the difficulties for the subjects offered in JC are intensified, making the life of a JC student extra tough. Academics aside, your child still has to juggle friendships, relationships, family and personal time. This immense amount of stress can make or break your child, so it’s important that parents offer extra encouragements and be there for their children.

2. Confused about life after JC

Many JC students feel helpless and lost when this topic arises. It is common for students to not know what they would like to pursue after JC, since they have never been exposed to so many variables in their academic life. Sometimes students may be so held up by the fear of making the wrong decisions, they choose to give up and avoid making any decision completely. Other times, they may be affected by the certainty of their peers when they illustrate the future direction they’ve decided upon. This will invoke inferiority and anxiety in your child, which may have dire consequences if your child starts to spiral downhill. Always remind your child to accept that uncertainty is part of the growing up process, and help them logically evaluate each of their options so they have a clearer picture of what they might be getting themselves into. This also gives your child a sense of support, as they know they are not diving into something by themselves.

3. Poor and stagnant grades

As mentioned above, the difficulty of the subjects have been intensified and many JC students find it hard to perform in school. This may have a stronger impact on your child’s confidence and interest in studies if he/she expects to be performing as well as he/she did in secondary school. Parents should manage their expectations as well, and acknowledge the fact that the first year in JC is an adaptation period where many students struggle academically. No matter the grades, as long as your child has given it his/her best, recognize his/her efforts and praise them for it.

4. Tuition Cost

Tuition is a logical solution for students who would like to improve their academic performances. However, besides having trouble making time for tuition, JC students also worry about the high cost of tuition especially when they need help with more than one subject. Children of this age are more sensible and financially sensitive. They might blame themselves for adding on to the financial burden carried by the family. Making Sense provides your child the academic guidance he/she needs without the financial burden, as we deliver excellent coaching at an affordable price. In addition, we fully understand the hectic schedules your child has to juggle with, hence, we offer flexible tuition schedules that even the busiest student can attend.