The woes of a tertiary student

May 30,2017

Being a student is stressful and hard. Ask anyone, and they will probably tell you the same thing. From attending classes, to studying for exams, to passing that certain subject that you can never understand – it is not easy. Sometimes, we even think about giving up.

However, being a student is also one of the best years of our lives, we just can’t get over some of the problems we may face as students. Here are some of them.

1.You get ‘lost’ in class

Most of the time, you stare at the teacher, then back at your textbook, then back at the white board, and then back at your notes.


Nothing ever seems to make sense at all. Especially for a subject like chemistry which looks like sign language to you.

You feel like you are lost in your own world with hundreds of question marks popping up from your head, and all your friends seem to understand what is actually going on in class, but you don’t.

2. To ask or not to ask

So, you have passed the stage of being lost in a sea of questions. You decide to step forward to ask a question but when you finally asked…

“Teacher, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”


Everyone turns to look at you like you came from another planet because what seems to be ancient language to you is actually common sense to them. You probably feel awkward and dare not attempt the same thing to save yourself from the embarrassment.

3. Your brain hates you

Maybe it just wasn’t your day, or maybe it is raining outside; that perfect weather for a nap. Or maybe you are just distracted and end up doing this instead:


You know you have an exam coming up soon, but your brain just won’t listen to you, making you miss out on the important things in class. Especially for subjects like chemistry, where details are important. Missing out on just one thing is almost equivalent to having a missing periodic table during your exam.

4. Not knowing the exam topics

“So, where shall I start?”

When you basically have no idea what you don’t know or what you’re studying for.

5. Trying to cram everything in at the last minute

You have no idea what you are doing actually but trying to get everything in that head of yours seems to be better than not doing anything at all. It’s do or die.

6. Then comes the moment of truth

When you open the question paper and whatever you studied for just did not come out.