The 15 stages of exam prep

August 29,2017

1. You think there’s still plenty of time

Aka the false security stage. If only my future time-travelling self came to warn me of the repercussions of my slacking off at this stage…

2. You refuse to buckle down

In this procrastinating phase, everything else looks a hundred times more interesting than cracking out the books.

3. You curiously check with fellow students, “How far have you gotten?”

You start to panic a little upon realising that you’re lagging behind

4. You decide that, ok, it’s time to START MY ENGINES

5. You lay out your studying materials, draw up a timetable…

Game face ON

6. After a while you decide that you have accomplished SO MUCH!

Look at how much highlighting was done!

7. And so you deserve a break!

8. But soon, it’s back to the books you go!

9. Argh, so torturous

10. You feel more anxious day by day

11. But on exam day there’s this eerie sense of calm

Nothing more you can do now. You’ve given your all.

12. You don’t walk into the exam hall. You STRUT.

13. Killing it in the exam hall like

14. What you think you’ll do after the exam

15. What really happens after the paper

And there you have it, the various stages of exam prep.

Hold on! It’s not over yet. The next batch of exams is right around the corner…

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All the best!