Singapore Prestige Enterprise Award


It is of great pleasure for us to announce that Making Sense and director William Lin is a proud winner of  2014/2015 Singapore Prestige Enterprise Award,  2015 SME Prestige Enterprise Award, 2014/2015 Top SME Achiever Awards & 2015 Top 100 Singapore Excellence Awards. These awards recognize only the very best from each industry in Singapore that have shown immense leadership, an impressive track record and dedication to expand its branding as well as the quality of products and services to its clients. Through nominations made from peers in the industries; to consumers in each category, these prestigious awards are meant to honour the cream of the crops. As a recipient, we will be invited to an award ceremony graced by MP, congratulatory and featuring on publication magazine, Business Times, and SMRT station display panel.

We are also deeply privileged to know that at present, William is the first and only Chemistry Super Tutor across the nation to have received such awardsWe thank all our alumni, current students, parents and friends for your continuous support and spreading good words about the works of Making Sense. We will continue to seek improvements and bring quality teaching to students!