Should I Take a H3 Subject in JC? (Things to Consider)

May 28,2022

Some of you are considering to take up a H3. Here, we will give you an outline of its application process and hopefully, help you make a more informed decision.

What is a H3 subject?
  • Additional subject above and beyond higher 1 (H1) and higher 2 (H2) subjects
  • offered to students who are academically able to cope with their core subject
What is the application process like? 
  • Dependent on different schools 
    • Typically, if you are within the 80th to 100th percentile for the subject, the school will offer you the option to take the subject at the H3 level. 
    • Even if you are not within the 80th to 100th percentile, there will be an option to appeal
    • If you are very passionate about the subject and think that you can manage the subject at a higher level, you should definitely give appealing a shot. 
  • There will also be a period in the next academic year where you can opt to drop the H3 subject after attending a few lessons. (disclaimer: this is not to encourage you to drop the subject!!)
Things to consider before taking up a H3 subject 
Course you intend to take in university and your ideal university 
  • There are certain courses in specific universities that allows you to opt out of a few modules if you have done a particular subject at the H3 level before.


Aptitude and passion for the subject 
  • Passion for the subject plays a huge role in your H3 journey. This is because it is an additional subject that you have to make time for in addition to your rigorous H2 and H1 curriculums. 
    • Bonus: If you are academically inclined in the particular subject you intend to take at H3, it will definitely make your learning journey easier. 
    • However, if you are not as strong as your peers in the subject, do not be discouraged. H3 subjects often serve to develop a separate set of skills. Your teachers will guide you along and make it less daunting!!!


Motivation for taking the subject 
  • An extension of the point about passion playing a huge role in your H3 journey 
  • Don’t take H3 for the sake of taking it. You will find it very difficult to find the motivation to continue learning and studying for the subject.


Ability to manage your time well and juggle between your other subjects and your H3 subject 
  • At the A levels, you will be taking examinations for both your normal subjects and your H3 subject. This means you need to study for all of them simultaneously throughout the school year and when preparing for your A level examinations. If you need some study tips, feel free to take a look at our other study guide blog posts here!
  • What makes H3 challenging is that the content goes much deeper as compared to your normal subjects. Furthermore, you will have lesser lesson time each week as compared to your normal subjects. 
  • This means you will have to take time out of normal lesson to consolidate and learn the content that you have been taught in class for H3 that week. Don’t forget this is in addition to learning new content and revising old content for your normal subjects. 


What can I do to help me make an informed decision? 
Attend trial lessons and talks by seniors to learn about their personal experience 
  • Schools will often conduct trial lessons for prospective H3 students so that they will have a feel of what taking a H3 subject is like. -> Attending these will help you to find out whether you are interested in the H3 curriculum. It will also help you find out whether the teaching style suits your learning style.
  • Talking to your seniors will also help you find out more about personal experiences 


Talk to your subject teacher for advice 
  • Your subject teachers will be the most aware of your learning progress for that particular subject. Talking to them about whether you should take a H3 subject will help you to make a more informed decision.


List down your reasons for wanting to take up a H3 subject and weigh the pros and cons of doing so 
    • Ultimately, you should be the one making the decision for yourself. Listing down the pros and cons of taking a H3 subject will help you visualise better and aid you in making your decision.