A' level chemistry

Lesson Schedule

2019 Lessons

Lessons will be conducted at both Bugis and Beauty World outlet. All lessons are 2 hours long. Strong after class support available for our students

  1. 24/7 whatsapp any questions to our tutors
  2. Free 1-to-1 coaching and consultation sessions 
  3. Review of exam scripts


*Generally the class size is smaller in our new outlet at Bukit Timah (Beauty World). Students are encouraged to attend lessons at Beauty World.


JC 1

  • Fri 7.15pm
  • Sat 12.15pm (Few seats left)
  • Sun 12.15pm (Few seats left)

JC 2

  • Tue 7.15pm (Full, call to inquire)
  • Fri 5pm (Few seats left)
  • Sat 10am (Full)
  • Sat 2.30pm (Few seats left)
  • Sun 10am (Few seats left)
  • Sun 2.30pm (Few seats left)

(Bukit Timah) Beauty World Centre

JC 1

  • Fri 7.15pm
  • Sun 12.15pm 

JC 2

  • Thu 7.15pm (Few seats left)
  • Fri 5pm (Few seats left)
  • Sat 10am
  • Sun 10am (Few seats left)

New slots may open later in the year. Please contact us if you have other preferred time slots.

The A’ level Chemistry tuition program is co-conducted by Mr William Lin (Founder of Making Sense) and Mr Kelvin Ang (Specialist Chemistry tutor). Lessons are repeated multiple times per week. Lessons are engaging, mind-blowing and well-liked by students. Expect crystal clear delivery from our Chemistry tutors and excellent materials.

Making Sense – Singapore’s Best Chemistry tuition for A’ level students.

Lecture/Program F.A.Q

With our new instalment plans, fees can be as low as $190/mth for O level and $230/mth for A level. 

Please refer to the registration page for more details.

We will always start a chapter with a lecture. Notes will be handed out to students. Making Sense notes are known to be top-notch – comprehensive, clear, concise and well structured. During the lecture, emphasis is on content training and understanding of concepts. Be enlightened by William as he expertly links up all the intricate concepts in a way that simply make sense. Often, he goes beyond the syllabus to give you a complete understanding of things.

Lessons are fun, engaging and inspiring. Misconceptions that have eluded you will be debunked; tips and tricks will be shared. Minimise your memory work, experience a quantum jump in your level of understanding, and most importantly, go home feeling satisfied and tons smarter. No one gets lost here 🙂

We will follow up with a tutorial session to close the chapter. Tutorials are crucial in linking up theory and application. We will first look at worked examples to give you ideas on how to approach question.

How often do you get stuck with questions, simply not knowing what to do or what the question is even asking? We aim to guide you step-by-step in your thinking process when faced with challenging questions. Questions have been carefully chosen to give you a variety of exposure. Learn how we apply concepts to higher order questions and enhance your competence in problem solving. All questions come with fully worked solutions.

Yes sure! We offer multiple time slots for the same level within the same week. The lessons are repeated and exactly the same. No stress when you cannot make it for your usual slot, there is always a make-up class available for you.

Video-recorded lessons are also available for viewing for students who miss the entire week of lessons.

Definitely yes! Making Sense is committed to the needs of our students. We know that students will require the personal touch and consultation at times. Thus our tutors are available all the time for personal consultations should you need further coaching. You can conveniently reach us through email, SMS or Whatsapp (on average we reply more than 100 messages from students every day!) You may also arrange for one-to-one consultations. Consultations are FOC! Just ask, and your request will be granted! 🙂

Class sizes will vary all the time as students are always doing make-up in another class. We expect weekday classes to be less packed than those on weekends. There is no need to be concerned about the class being too big and students getting distracted, as our lessons have been primed to be captivating even to larger groups.

Since every lesson is repeated across the week, there is no difference whether you attend a big or small class. It’s a similar idea to watching a movie on a weekday or on weekends – same movie and enjoyment level, just that there are more people packed in a cinema on weekends (And does that even matter to you?) 🙂

Yes sure! We always have new students coming in who may need help for previously-taught chapters.

You can choose from either of the following:

  1. As all our lessons are video recorded, you may view our recorded lessons at a discounted rate, followed by a consultation session to clarify any questions that you may have.
  2. We will run crash courses every school holiday to readdress all the major chapters that were previously taught. You may want to attend the crash courses during the March, June and September school holidays to catch up on previously-taught chapters.

Yes! We offer a tiered referral system. Receive $40 referral fee when you refer the 1st friend. The next friend that you refer in will entitle you $50. This $10 increment will continue for subsequent referrals, subject to a max of $120.

Friends referred into Making Sense Referral Fee
1st $40
2nd $50
3rd $60
10th $120

*Please note referrals applies only to regular classes and excludes revision crash courses