Quality of a Good Tutor

October 14,2020

A tutor plays an important role in making the topic clear and well understood by the pupil. And when it comes to subjects like chemistry, which is complex to understand and needs good teaching from the very start, a good tutor is required.


Every parent who plans to send his or her child to a good chemistry tuition center wishes for the best chemistry tutor. And when searching for the best chemistry tutor for their lad, some aspects usually are not taken into consideration.

Just tagging any tutor as the best chemistry tutor is not enough, some criterion needs to be well taken care of for the same, here is the list:

  • The tutor should have the required knowledge related to the subject. When it comes to chemistry even minute concepts play a vital role while explaining complex and huge topics. And therefore the tutor should be well versed with all the concepts so that references can be given to the students.
  • The tutor should be confident enough in delivering the lectures, and also should have good explaining power. Confidence not backed by explaining power is useless for the students and is more of a speech rather than an interactive lecture. Therefore the tutor should be able to make the students understand every topic efficiently.
  • The tutor should be open to feedback when it comes to quality teaching. There are many tutors out there who have been given the tag of the best chemistry tutor but are adamant when it comes to providing feedback on their teaching skills. This arrogance and neglect would affect the student’s understanding of the subject.
  • The tutor should not be too strict nor be too lenient. A balanced approach would prove to be beneficial for having control over the class, and a well-disciplined environment.

With the above-mentioned points, every parent will be able to find the best chemistry tutor for their lad!