Qualities of a Best Chemistry Tutor

January 27,2021

Chemistry is one of the most dreaded subjects among the science students. Right from middle school till higher education, the subject which nightmares to the maximum number of students is Chemistry. But Chemistry is also a compulsory subject and hence cannot be avoided. The only option left is look for a good Chemistry tutor who can help you overcome the fear of Chemistry.

A good Chemistry tutor will not only make the subject easy for you, but also work at developing your interest in the subject. There are many good tutors who claim to teach the subject well, but if you want the best Chemistry tutor, then you have to be take care of certain points.

It is important to check the result of the previous batch which has been taught by the tutor. The grades and percentage, and the number of students who have passed with high grades will determine the quality of teaching of the tutor. Also, the improvement in the grades of the past students will determine the attention paid by the tutor to the performance of each student.

The teaching experience of the tutor is also an importer factor. A tutor with more teaching experience, say of about 10-12 years will definitely ensure better command over the subject and teaching methodology. A tutor might be teaching a number of students at a time in a batch. Considering that each student’s grasping capacity, level of understanding and memory retention is different, personalized approach to each student is also important.

To make a subject easy and interesting, the teaching atmosphere also is very crucial. A tutor who teaches in a relaxed, fun filled atmosphere can safely be said to have one of the most important qualities of a good tutor.

So, if you are looking for the best chemistry tutor for your child, consider the above mentioned qualities before you approach the coaching centres or search the internet for online coaching classes.