Personalised Learning

A small setting (2-8 students) where student’s immediate curriculum needs are addressed.

What happens during lesson?

1. Assessing needs

Tutor will check on student’s academic needs (Eg, Advanced learning, addressing specific weakness, exposure to more application questions on certain topics)

2. Immediate and Direct Coaching

Tutor will address student’s immediate concern by printing a set of notes and go through it with student.

3. Assessing and Checking of Understanding

To check on understanding, tutor will get student started on questions of an appropriate level (Concept, application, higher order) to build their confidence and cement the understanding of the topic.

4. Immediate Feedback

Tutor will guide the other students in their specific area of needs and come back to check on Student A’s work and understanding.

Best of one-to one tuition (without the high cost)

  • Tutor can focus on the specific area the students is struggling with.
  • In line with specific school’s syllabus
  • Tutor can quickly gauge the current achievement, future potential and adapt their teaching to work towards a grade jump
  • Academic support can be provided immediately if the student has missed out on certain topics at school ( School competition, Home quarantine order).
  • Immediate and direct coaching can have a profound impact on your child’s performance and confidence.
  • Tutor can help students improve exam-taking techniques (eg : time management , treatment of exam questions)
  • Eliminate the fear of asking questions

Best of Making Sense

  • Educational background and experience of tutors ascertained.
  • Professional tutors who are trained in house to explain concepts clearly and deliver effectively.
  • Tutors have access to a vast library of materials designed by our curriculum and assessment unit which means they are not limited by the amount of materials in order to help students understand level up in a topic.
  • Receive highly sought after notes