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June Holiday Intensive Revision Crash Course

Chemistry Holiday Program

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Be enlightened by our tutors as they expertly link up all the intricate concepts in a way that simply make sense. Often, we go beyond the syllabus to give you a complete understanding of things.

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Our study materials are known to be top-notch. It is comprehensive, clear, concise and well-structured. Students rely heavily on our materials to give them an extra edge to ace their examination.

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We prepare you for application to high-order questions. You will receive step-by-step guidance on how to approach questions and navigate your thought process. Learn the most effective and fastest way to approach and solve questions!

The most sought-after Chemistry tuition in Singapore with over 700 students every year. 97% of students show improvement in grades. 90% of our students achieve A or B grade for their A-Level. 92% achieve at least a B3 for their O-level examinations.

Be coached by the best tutors and experience your transformation!

June Revision Crash Course 2019

Subject Topic Date Time Fees

Bundle Promotion

4 topics – 10% discount

6 topics – 15% discoun

Redox & Stoichiometry 04 Jun (Tue) 10 – 1.30 pm $200

Chemical Energetics

(2 days program)

06 Jun (Thu)

11 Jun (Tue)

5.30 – 9 pm

2.30 – 6 pm


Chemical Bonding

(2 days program)

10 Jun (Mon)

12 Jun (Wed)

5.30 -9 pm

5.30 – 9 pm


Acid-Base Equilibrium

(2 days program)

17 Jun (Mon)

19 Jun (Wed)

5.30 – 9 pm

5.30 – 9 pm


Reaction Kinetics

(2 days program)

18 Jun (Tue)

20 Jun (Thu)

2.30 – 6 pm

5.30 – 9 pm

Solubility Product 25 Jun (Tue) 2.30 – 6 pm $200

Organic Chemistry

(7 days program)

A must-go program that will transform the way you learn & understand Organic Chemistry with the least memory work

07 Jun (Fri)

11 Jun (Tue)

14 Jun (Fri)

18 Jun (Tue)

21 Jun (Fri)

25 Jun (Tue)

28 Jun (Fri)

Tue slots

10- 1.15pm


Fri slots

1 -4.15pm

All lessons come with 15 mins break Make up sessions may be arranged
(Please inform in advance)
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