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We aim to create an eco-system for Making Sense students by co-sharing our space with other subject experts

It has always been our vision to value-add to our students. Over the years, students and parents have been asking us to recommend good tuition for other subjects, which we have unreservedly done so. We are very glad to announce that starting 2020, for the convenience of our students, we will collaborate and co-share our space with a few subject experts. These subject experts are one of the best in the industries and we agree to co-share our space with them as we believe they will bring value to MS students. MS will continue to specialise in Chemistry while these subject experts will bring convenience to our students by co-sharing our space.

The Math Specialist


Mr. H.D. Chua 

  • 2nd Upper Honours Degree in Applied Mathematics (NTU)
  • Highly experienced Ex-JC lecturer
  • Recipient of the Most Caring Teacher Award (2015)
  • Vast experience in coordinating Mathematics program in Junior College

Mr. H.D. Chua graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Mathematical Science (Applied Mathematics). Having a passion for teaching, he applied and did a short stint internship at the then Serangoon Junior College before graduating from NTU in 2011.

Mr. Chua’s teaching journey began in 2012 when he was posted to Serangoon Junior College. As a beginning teacher then, he explored various ways of teaching and engaging students in classes and often cared for his students under his charge and helped them cope with the stressful college life. In 2015, he was recognised for his effort by his students and the college and was awarded the Most Caring Teacher Award. He was also nominated by his college for the Exxonmobil Caring Teacher Award (JC/CI) in 2016.

With close to a decade of experience teaching H1/H2 Mathematics at the ‘A’ Level, Mr. Chua is very well-versed with the way students interact with Mathematical concepts and is able to pre-empt common mistakes that students make. He guides students with patience to understand key concepts and builds a strong rapport with them. This gives his students a safe environment to question concepts taught and learn from mistakes made.

What students say about Mr. Chua 

Mr. Chua is one of the most patient mathematics teachers I have ever encountered. He is also very clear, and systematic in his teachings. To me, that is what a Mathematics teacher should embody. You will never be afraid to ask him questions because you know he genuinely wants to help. He has definitely left an impact on me and has always positively pushed me on during my JC days. As he has the heart and passion to teach math, he is definitely one of the best math teachers you can get. 🙂

Kai Yee, SRJC 

Mr. Chua is an outstanding tutor by virtue of his teaching attitude and skill.  He has a very reassuring presence in the classroom and makes concepts accessible and providing timely encouragement. He also increased my interest in and appreciation of maths because his passion for the subject is infectious. Mr. Chua has both a masterful understanding of the content of the syllabus as well as a very effective teaching approach. He is not only extremely familiar with all aspects of the academic material, but he is also diligent in observing questions types and ways that concepts can be tested.

Joyce Xu, Raffles Institution

2020 Lesson Schedule – Mathematics

BugisBeauty WorldBishan
JC 1Sat 12.15 – 2.15 pmSun 10 – 12 pmTue 7.15 – 9.15 pm
JC 2Sat 10 – 12 pmSun 12.15 – 2.15 pmTue 5 – 7pm

In our Math class, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive overview of Maths concepts
  • Learn to tackle challenging contextual & non-contextual questions
  • Common errors and misconceptions by students & how to fix them
  • What Cambridge asks in ‘A’ Levels – Popular Exam Questions

Please contact us at 8907 9059 to register for class.

The Physics Specialist


Mr. Baarath Ram 

  • Eng. (Electrical), NUS
  • Higher Teaching Education Certificate, Harvard University
  • Advanced Certification in Training & Assessment, Institute of Adult Learning
  • Author of 4 best-sellers (‘A’ level Physics guidebooks)
  • Author of H2 ‘A’ Level 2000+ Physics Questions bank

Passionate, dedicated and never afraid to take the unfamiliar path, Mr. Baarath Ram was accepted as a cadet pilot in Singapore Airlines but decided to follow his passion for teaching. With over a decade of teaching experience, including the Physics “H3” Level, Gifted Education Program (GEP), Science and Maths Talent Program (SMTP), and even the Physics Olympiad (Senior Level), Mr. Ram has written and edited ‘A’ Level, IGCSE, IB books for Physics, some of which have been adopted as recommended text by institutions. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering. His final year project (FYP) was nominated by A* STAR for the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award.

What students say about Mr. Ram 

I have always enjoyed Mr. Ram’s lessons and having him as a tutor. He always makes it a point for lessons to be as engaging as possible, be it sharing with us knowledge that is beyond our textbooks or challenging us with questions that he came up with. Lessons with Mr. Ram have always been stress-free as he believes that having a stress-free atmosphere provides the students with an optimal environment for learning to take place. He is a caring and helpful teacher who always provides consultations even after school hours.  

On a personal level, Mr. Ram is good with his interpersonal communication skills. He makes the effort to know every student personally and treats them like his friends. He engages students in small talks after school hours as well just to know his students better. Even after graduating, he makes it a point to know how his students are doing. During the A Level period, he shared his studying skills and habits to his students so as to further prepare them for the examinations.  In retrospect, Mr. Ram is a well-rounded tutor who teaches with passion and care. His teaching philosophies had inspired many students.

Edward Wang

2020 Lesson Schedule – Physics

 BugisBeauty World
JC 1Sat 5 – 7pm
JC 2Sun 5 -7 pmThu 4 – 6pm

In our Physics class, you can expect:

  • An intense overview of key concepts
  • Challenging questions & how to tackle them
  • Common errors and misconceptions by students & how to fix them
  • What Cambridge asks in ‘A’ Levels – Popular Exam Questions
  • Skills to solve HOT (Higher Order Thinking) questions

Please contact us at 8907 9059 to register for class.

The General Paper Specialist


Ms Deborah Lim

  • BA (Hons) English
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Education (Junior College)
  • Highly experienced JC lecturer

Ms. Deborah Lim is an experienced General Paper teacher. Having taught in a JC for the past 6 years, she understands the challenges students face in the subject and draws from her experience to share effective writing and reading strategies to build students’ confidence and ace the exam. Her teaching philosophy is that learning should be tinged with the element of fun so as to encourage curiosity and create meaningful experiences. Ms. Lim believes in helping students grasp otherwise complex current affairs and enduring issues by acting as a mediator of knowledge, facilitating rigorous discussions, and designing engaging activities that work to improve linguistic ability and promote critical thinking and literacy.

What students say about Ms. Deborah 

Ms. Lim has an endearing personality. She never fails to brighten up the class atmosphere with her excitement and her warm smile. She is a respected figure in class, yet very friendly and approachable at the same time. She is extremely sensitive to the needs of her students and would go the extra mile to meet it. She showcases her commitment to her students by freeing up time to meet us for consultations and even tries her best to help us during non-working hours. She believes in her students and will often challenge them to reach greater heights. The fact that she is genuinely concerned about world affairs and reads widely has also greatly benefited her students as she often shared articles that are relevant to the students, and hence help them have a better grasp of the contentI am extremely thankful to have her as my teacher, and I am sure she will continue to inspire many generations to come.


Ms. Lim helped me understand the subject GP in greater depth and she also always strived to make her lessons engaging. She makes GP very easy to understand by customising the learning experience for each of her classes based on their needs. As for mine, she knew we remembered and understood examples and topics better when we have open discussions about the different topics, thus she made sure to create a safe environment where everyone’s opinion is valued, which helped us gain greater insights into the topics which we were studying. She is also a good communicator which made each lesson efficient and productive!


2020 Lesson Schedule – General Paper

 BugisBeauty WorldBishan
JC 1/2Sat 2.30 – 4.30 pmSun 10 – 12 pm

In our GP class, you can expect:

  • Clear learning goals, but also opportunities to reflect on more complex issues beyond these objectives.
  • Short warm-up activities that are more interactive to build schema and encourage personal engagement
  • Discussions and debates to help you form opinions, develop your voice, learn from others.
  • Frontal teaching of content, writing workshops, reading strategies, and grammar support.
  • Practice and revision of past year papers and individualised, clear and timely feedback.

Please contact us at 8907 9059 to register for class.

Special Mention

Economics Specialist – Mr. Edmund Quek

Mr Quek. is a highly established and effective Econs tutor that is highly recommended by many students and parents. Due to his busy schedule, he will be conducting classes at his centre in Bishan.

In the upcoming months, we will continue to bring more subject experts to the students of Making Sense!

Meanwhile, start scoring well for everything now!

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