Let us help you Make Sense of Chemistry

June 30,2017

Unable to grasp complicated concepts? Struggling to catch up with the rest of the students and the teacher’s fast pace of teaching? Troubled by the magnitude of content to cover?

If you need help in chemistry, enrol yourself in Making Sense Learning Centre. You wouldn’t be the first to do so – more than 500 A’ Level students per year seek the tutelage of Mr William Lin at Making Sense. Approximately 90% of these students leave with As or Bs for their chemistry A’ level exam. This exceptional streak of results has held up for 10 years and counting.

If you need any more convincing, read on.

“I can finally see it clearly now” moment

William simplifies complicated concepts, making them digestible for even the most confused of students. In addition, students gain access to William’s customised teaching materials and worksheets. Previous students of William attest to the high quality of these notes, promising them to be concise yet thorough, homing in on testable material and including questions that reinforce the students’ understanding at the end of each chapter. These notes are “even better than the school’s.”

“From my worst and most hated subject, it became one of my favourite subjects.”

William’s love for chemistry is undeniable, reflected in his enthusiastic teachings. In this manner, not only is William able to help students gain clarity on the subject matter, but he also invokes in his students a heightened appreciation for chemistry.

“In a syllabus where much memory work was required, William taught us easy-to-remember techniques that were catchy and interesting, achieving productivity as well as some relaxing laughs.”

William ensures that the value of each tuition lesson is maximised to the fullest. Lame humour coupled with mnemonics helps students better understand lesson material and lock concepts clearly in their minds. By ensuring classroom lessons are kept interesting and thereby memorable, William assists in the growth and learning of every student.

“Thank you for inspiring us, going beyond what a teacher normally does.”

William goes above and beyond what a general teacher does. At Making Sense, free consultations are always available to those that seek it. During the exam period, William assists and marks work submitted by the weaker pupils, earning the respect of numerous students who understand him to be taking time out of his personal schedule. He is remarked to be endlessly patient, selfless, and highly encouraging.

Mr Jeffery Ang takes the bulk of O’ level students. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, this ex-MOE tutor is hands-on in his approach, imparting what he knows concisely and patiently to his pupils. Pupils benefit not only from his keen teachings but also from his in-depth knowledge of the MOE syllabus.

“Making Sense certainly does live up to its name of being the best Chemistry tuition in SG.”

Is it so surprising then, that Making Sense has received hundreds of glowing adorations of praise and thanks? If you wish to receive the expert guidance of an intensely passionate tutor, if you wish to obtain that A in chemistry, you can sign up here.