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For a limited time only, we are offering free live-stream trial classes for our O level and A level classes (worth $95 and $115 respectively)! 

Following the latest advisory issued by MOH on 24 March 2020, all lessons held at our centre will be suspended with immediate effect till 05 May 2020.

The most essential message we wanted to bring across is our utmost commitment to ensure our students’ learning will not be disrupted by these ever-changing health conditions, and we will continue to enhance our students’ experience, our unchanging goal for 2020.

During this period, Making Sense will shift lessons to the virtual space, conducting online live-streaming of lessons which students can access from home. We have test-run and modified our live-stream classes to be virtually equivalent to the physical classes. 

Even in such uncertain times, our tutors remain ever-committed to attend to our students’ needs. Should students still require additional help and support after class, they can always contact tutors to schedule for unlimited free one-to-one consultation sessions.

These measures will be put in place for all subjects offered at Making Sense – Chemistry, General Paper, Mathematics and Physics.

Interactive Features of our Live-Stream Lessons:

  • Students frequently participate in engaging polls to reinforce their learning.


  • A small competition during class will bring the engagement level up. When lessons are fun, students stay focused and learn better.


  • Students are encouraged to use the chat function to ask questions.
  • Students can always arrange for unlimited after-class consultations. 24/7 Whatsapp support is also available from our tutors.
  • Webcams of tutors and students must be switched on at all times to mimic real-life lessons. As far as possible, lessons are hosted by 2 tutors like a talk show.

Can online lessons totally replace face-to-face tuition?

The answer is no, but given the current circumstance, we have achieved an impressive satisfaction rate: 



We thank our students for their kind words of encouragement: 

“I am very satisfied with how Making Sense really strives to make online lessons more fun. Making Sense is always constantly asking for feedback to better improve our learning experience, which is a commendable effort as very few tuition centres out there is as committed as Making Sense in terms of students’ welfare especially when it comes to online learning.”

“It’s way better than most school and other tuition centre live streams”

“I’m still able to ask the teachers questions face to face immediately, and the teachers check in frequently on us which is helpful. And the frequent polls do help us to continue participating, making it feel less like a one-way lecture”

“I like how the lesson still feels like a normal lesson. I also like the use of the 3D visualisation soft wares for demonstration purposes.”

“Engagement is good, feels no difference from attending it live at the centre. Really appreciate the effort made! you guys are doing a great job!”

“Quality of the lessons remains uncompromised. Lessons were organised and well-delivered.”

Your learning should never be compromised

Making Sense will continue to provide quality lessons and support for our students

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After your trial lesson, you may select a slot for our weekly classes to attend. Kindly check out the available time slots for various subjects and discuss the fees with your parents before attending the lesson. Once they are agreeable, we gladly welcome you to our trial lesson. 🙂

Secondary / IP Chemistry - $92.50/lesson
JC Chemistry - $112.50/lesson
JC Maths / GP / Physics - $90/lesson

Fees are inclusive of GST wherever appropriate

Trial Lesson Slots

Sec 3 Chemistry

Sec 4 Chemistry

JC 1 Chemistry (H2)

JC 2 Chemistry (H2)

General Paper (H1)

JC 1 Math (H2)

JC 2 Math (H2)

JC 1 Physics (H2)

JC 2 Physics (H2)

I agree that:
I have checked the time slots for weekly lessons and it fits my scheduleI have discussed with my parents regarding the tuition fees

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