JC Cut-Off Points

January 12,2022

By the time you stumble upon this post, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it is very likely, almost 99.99% chance that you would have already received your O Level results, and actively researching on JC cut-off points. (Let’s not talk about that 0.01% if you actually haven’t). If, by any chance, you’re reading this with tears streaming down your face or a small puddle welled up at the corner of your eye, we hope that they are tears of joy. Well, if they’re not, here’s a virtual pat on the shoulder!

Regardless of your results, you have tried your best and life needs to go on! Do not let your negativity now affect the possibilities of the future you. In 10 years time, this will be as significant as a peanut! Make the best of what you have and you may be surprised at where that may bring you! 

Here is a guide on how you can calculate your O levels Aggregate Score:

To be able to apply to JC to take GCE A level through the Joint Admission Exercise, 

    1. L1R5 must not exceed 20. L1 is your first language (English or Higher Mother Tongue Language) and R5 is your five other relevant subjects, which must include at least one from Mathematics, Science and Humanities.
    2. A minimum of C6 for your English
    3. A minimum of D7 for Elementary or Additional Mathematics
    4. A. minimum of D7 for your Mother Tongue / A minimum of E8 for Higher Mother Tongue

You can be awarded bonus points through:

    1. Attainment in co-curricular activities
    2. Language Grades
    3. School Affiliation 

And a less pretty version (for those of you who like things to be black and white):

Types of Bonus Points No. of Bonus Points
CCA Grade (A1 – A2) 2
CCA Grade (B3 – C6) 2
English and Higher Mother Tongue Grade (A1-C6) 2
Chinese/Malay Special Programmes or Bahasa Indonesia Grade (A1 – C6) 2
Selection of your affiliated JC as your 1st or 1st and 2nd choices 2
Selected for the Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language Elective Programme offered in some JCS 2

Raw vs Net:

Raw: Numerical score computed based on grades obtained

Net: Numerical score computed after deduction of bonus points (max deduction of 4)

JC Cut-off Points

Below is a table consisting of the JC cut-off points of each JC in 2021:

And a less pretty version (for those of you who like things to be black and white):

JCs Science/IB Arts
ACJC 8 9
ASRJC 11 11
CJC 13 13
DHS 8 9
EJC 7 8
HCI 4 5
JPJC 15 16
NJC 7 8
NYJC 6 6
RI 4 5
RVHS 8 9
SAJC 10 11
TMJC 13 13
TJC 9 9
VJC 7 8
YIJC 20 20

Bear in mind that the JC cut-off points will differ every year, but this is a good reference for you to select the JC of your choice. A level is a huge leap from Secondary, if you would like to know more about the jump from Secondary 4 to JC and how you can be more prepared, you can consider checking out our upcoming seminar on how to make the perfect transition to JC 1 Chemistry. The event is happening this and next Sunday! Click here to find out more!

Life itself is a journey with many different paths. Any paths you choose will become your destiny. Choose wisely and embrace your next stage of life in JC! =)