How To Choose The Best Tuition: Know The Different Types

January 08,2022

With the tuition industry becoming increasingly saturated, how do you know which is a good tuition? The best tuition? And how do you know which tuition centre is best suited for you? Below, we provide you the different types of tuition out there to aid you in your decision making.


One-man Show vs Specialised Team

Some tuition centres operate as a one-man show which makes it easier to incorporate a standardised teaching plan. However, it is likely that the tutor’s stamina will decrease throughout the day, possibly leading to reduced productivity and efficiency.  This may result in the tutor being unable to open more classes to cater to a wider group of students.

Arguably, with a specialised team, the workload will be evenly split among the teachers, allowing them to more likely be at their 100%.  With each teacher coming from a highly qualified background, they will be able to provide valuable inputs to enhance lesson materials and greatly improve students’ learning experience at the centre.

1-to-1 vs Group

Undeniably, 1-1 tuition allows the student to get personalised attention from the tutor.  The flexibility of 1-1 tuition also allows the lesson to be catered to the student’s learning style, allowing for a comfortable learning pace.  However, there are students who thrive in group tuition which follows a structured syllabus. In this dynamic classroom experience, students can be frequently engaged in active classroom discussions and learn from the questions that their peers ask, empowering everyone to be more motivated in their learning.

Value-driven vs Price-driven

Definitely, various tuition centres provide their services at different prices. While some centres are able to provide tuition at a price lower than the market rate, the results may not be guaranteed. Alternatively, it would be more worth it in the long run to opt for a value-driven tuition where students ultimately get value for their buck. Even though you may be paying a slightly higher price, you can gain access to quality resources and experienced curriculum specialists that are better equipped to help you achieve your desired grades.

Foundation-building vs Application-focused

Some tuition centres cater to academically weaker students. These centres help them consolidate their learning and build a strong foundation. On the other hand, there are also tuition centres that are more application-focused where they expose students to higher-order thinking questions. For these centres, they bridge theory into application via exam-grade questions pushing students towards that highly sought-after A.

After-class support vs No after-class support

It would be more helpful to find a tuition centre with strong after-class support. Students are able to gain a deeper understanding of certain concepts when they clarify their doubts with their teachers. For example, some tuition centres offer telegram consultations and free face-to-face consultations. For these centres, learning doesn’t stop when class ends!

Of course, the scenarios discussed above may not be mutually exclusive. There are indeed certain exceptional centres that are able to provide different lesson plans for different groups of people. (E.g. having personalised learning and structured classes at the same time, catering to both academically weaker and stronger students). Ultimately, no two students are the same. The centre most suitable for you is highly dependent on your own learning capabilities and learning style. Do go for trial lessons and find the tuition centre that makes sense to you!