How Productive Were Your June Holidays This Year?

June 25,2022

The June Holidays are coming to an end really really soon. So let’s do a small check-in to see how productive you were!

How’s your homework coming along? 

Homework, as much as it’s dreaded, is a good way to gauge your understanding of a subject.  To chiong homework at the last minute is definitely very stressful! Having a planner may help you space out your homework better so it doesn’t become a mad rush for you!

Where are you with revision?

Even though it’s supposedly the holidays, we all know the month of June is more of a study break to prepare for your upcoming MCTs! As the content you learn accumulates throughout the year, it’s important that you do consistent revision to build a solid foundation.  Be clear of the topics that your school is testing during the exam and ensure that you have revised all the content at least once before the June break ends.  Of course, practice makes perfect! After revising content, set aside some time to do practice papers.  Do not give up on any subject and always allocate an equal amount of time for each one of them.

What’s your sleep cycle like? 

Having a healthy and regular sleep cycle is of utmost importance. This does not just refer to the number of hours of sleep but also the time you go to bed! As much as you are able to sleep in during the holidays to repay the sleep debt from going to bed late last night, going to bed late forces your body to continue working even when it’s supposed to be resting and rejuvenating.

Even though you end up being asleep for a full 8 hours, the number of hours your body spent recovering and clearing the toxins in your body is less than the usual! Have good sleeping habits so that your body clock will not be disrupted. This way, you will be more well-rested to take on the upcoming exams!

When did you last meet up with your friends?

While it is important to catch up on school work and prepare for your upcoming examinations, do take note to not neglect your friends as you are not the only one going through this process! Do remember to check in on them once in a while, and you can also consider meeting up for a short meal together!

On the other hand, please do not go all out and run around with friends all the time, neglecting your studies as the June holidays are the only time you get to properly consolidate your learning before your major exams start! Do find that balance between setting aside time for your friends and for your studies!

So with the points you’ve accumulated based on the chart above, let’s find out where you stand amongst the others!

13-15 pts: All set and ready to go! Your life is in order and everything is rainbows and sunshine! You’re on your way to ace-ing that MCTs, and for that you should give yourself a pat on the shoulder!

8-12 pts: You’re doing great! 🙂 Give yourself an extra push if that’s what’s lacking and remember to always set aside enough me-time!

3-7 pts: Seems like you have a lot to catch up on! But don’t worry, it’s never too late to start! Always take things one step at a time and use what you have now to do what you can!

All the best for your upcoming mid-years!