Healthy Meals You Can Prepare For Your Child

March 08,2018

All parents want their children to eat healthily, but the demands of work or housekeeping often get in the way of being able to prepare nutritious meals for your children before school or during their study breaks. In accordance with conventional wisdom, wholesome meals could help improve your child’s attentiveness and energy in school, leading to improved academic performance. But if you’re concerned that you don’t have time to cook up some fancy recipe, worry not! We’ve compiled a couple of ideas for nutritious meals that you can whip up for your kids in no time.

Cheese, egg and lettuce sandwiches

A favourite of busy parents everywhere, these sandwiches are easy to prepare and extremely filling, thanks to the carbohydrate content of the bread and the protein from the eggs. This recipe isn’t very time-consuming, as most of its ingredients are already ready after a wash. The only ingredient that needs to be cooked in this nourishing meal would be the eggs, which can be scrambled or boiled then sliced. Stack these eggs on top of lettuce, tomatoes and cheese to create a delicious yet nutritious lunch for your kids.


Cereal is a busy parent’s best friend. They’re super versatile; you can serve it from breakfast with milk, or pack it for your kids’ lunches. If your kids like cereal dry, it makes for an excellent midday snack. And if they like their cereal with milk, remember to include a packet of the dairy product next to their lunchbox. Stave off sweet or sugary cereals and instead opt for those rich in nutrients and fibre so your kids won’t suffer from sugar crashes during morning lessons. Top off your cereal with some fruits like berries or bananas for a wholesome, energy-rich meal.


There’s a very short list of meals that manage to be both scrumptious and healthy, and parfait reigns supreme on that list. A generous mix of vanilla yoghurt, fruits and granola, the parfait is a healthy alternative to the typical serving of ice cream and an excellent idea for parents looking to give their kids a little pick-me-up during a study break.


It’s important to inculcate a love of vegetables in your children so that they’ll grow up rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients. If your child has a fear of greens, shake up your salad recipe by mixing in boiled eggs or their favourite fruits. Remember to take it easy on the dressing, which is rich in calories and saturated fat.

Pancakes with Fruit

This might take a bit longer than the rest of the meals on this list, but pretty much all children love pancakes and your young ones are no exception. This classic breakfast food is rich in carbohydrates that your child’s body will transform into glucose, which supplies them with energy and keeps them fresh and attentive in class. Lay off the sugary syrup and top your pancakes with fruits such as berries or bananas, which are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for growing children.