Fall in love with learning at Making Sense

March 17,2017


Only a few handful of students go to school with a great desire to learn. For the rest of the majority, they attend school on a daily basis because that is simply what they are supposed to do.

On the other hand, MOE teachers, faced with numerous department KPIs, CCA activities and committee meetings, might be mentally and physically drained out to conduct interesting lessons or prepare well-researched notes for their students. This is also why tuition in Singapore is becoming a need for students who are not academically inclined, or for those who lack the motivation or discipline to study outside of school hours.

At Making Sense, the tutors are able to rekindle the joy and love in learning with their engaging lecture styles.

Rather than relying on just textbook materials and memorisation, the tutors make use of a variety of new teaching methodologies and technology to keep the students engaged in an otherwise mundane subject. Besides being a tutor to the students, the tutors also serve as a personal mentor to the students by strongly believing in each and every one of their abilities and encouraging them on when they are struggling.

This strong belief in them allows them to feel more confident in themselves, and thus are more intrinsically motivated to be more academically engaged in Chemistry. Coupled with high-quality notes that are painstakingly researched and prepared for Making Sense’s students, it is no wonder why 97% of the students show improvement in their grades, firmly establishing Making Sense as perhaps, the best chemistry tuition in Singapore.