Extracurricular Activities To Take Part In

June 11,2022

As you continue to study hard, some of you may wish to take part in some extracurricular activities to make your school life more enriching. In this blog post, we bring to you the various types of extra-curricular activities available. Furthermore, we would also be giving you some tips on how many extracurricular activities you should take up. 🙂

Types of extracurricular activities 
Research attachments / research projects / academic based extra curricular activities 
  • Avenue to see how the knowledge that you have learnt in the classroom setting can be applied to the real world and in industries so concepts are not as abstract 
  • Opportunity to learn from professionals and mentors + gain insights from professionals 
  • Depending on the type of project you do, the commitment level is different -> some require weekly discussions with your mentors and lab visits during the holidays


  • Not compulsory in JC but most students will take up a CCA 
  • Provides avenue for you to relax and make new friends outside of curriculum time 
  • Opportunity to pursue something that you are interested in 
  • Some CCAs are higher commitment than others especially when it comes to competition / performance seasons
  • Time management becomes very important especially when it comes to juggling external commitment, school work and CCA


Volunteering / CIP / SL 
  • Helps to build up on soft skills or skills you may not have the opportunity to learn in a normal school setting 
  • Gain exposure to individuals from different backgrounds 
  • Pragmatically speaking, some schools do require a certain amount of CIP / SL work done in order for students to be considered for certain awards 


How many extracurricular activities should you take part in? 
  • Encouraged to explore as many extra-curricular activities as possible in j1 ; less time in j2 to do the same as teachers will focus very heavily on preparing for the final A level examinations 
  • Take part in a wide variety of activities instead of solely focusing on one type of activities -> get more exposure and can learn 
  • However, do make sure not to overload yourself – it is still important to leave some time for your personal life and for rest 

With that, we hope that you find extracurricular activities you really enjoy!