Making Sense Experience Day


Free Event – Limited Seats Left

Dear students!

Making Sense Experience Day is here, and we would like you to join us!

If you are a JC2 student preparing for your A-level examination or a student who has just made a quantum leap to JC1, we have formulated the perfect blueprint for you to ace your A-Level!

EVENT IS FREE & Limited seats are available. Register now to secure your space!

J2 Students: Experiential Lesson & Diagnostic Assessment

1. Signature Organic Chemistry Lesson

  • Learn powerful and proven techniques that simplify Organic Chemistry and halve your memory work
  • Understand novel reactions and advanced mechanisms
  • Apply what you have learnt to challenging exam questions
  • Familiarise yourself with questions that will appear in your exams this year

2. Diagnostic Assessment

  • Comprehensive diagnostic assessment with a score card
  • Know your weaknesses to secure the distinction
  • Practical and easy to implement solutions to first-aid your weaknesses

Register for one of the following JC2 slots

Bishan (Marymount CC)Beauty World Centre
16 Jan (Sat)   10 – 12.15pm

30 Jan (Sat)   10 – 12.15pm


17 Jan (Sun)   2.00 – 4.15pm

07 Feb (Sun)   4.30 – 6.45pm


Balmoral PlazaBugis (ICB Enterprise House)
 22 Jan (Fri)   7.00 – 9.15pm

05 Feb (Fri)   7.00 – 9.15pm

24 Jan (Sun)  4.00 – 6.15pm

31 Jan (Sun)  4.30 – 6.45pm 

A Great Lesson Followed With a Great Meal

The first 200 J2 students who attend the event will receive a $5 Mcdonald’s voucher

JC 1 Students – Customised Headstart Lesson to Ensure Your Perfect Transition to JC 1

  • Have a taste of our crystal clear delivery
  • Gain access to a sample of the best Chemistry materials 
  • Understand the demands of JC1 Chemistry and how to best prepare for it  

Register for one of the following JC1 slots

Bishan (Marymount CC)Balmoral Plaza
20 Jan (Wed)   7.30 – 9.15pm

27 Jan (Wed)    7.30 – 9.15pm


 23 Jan (Sat)   4.00 – 5.45pm

30 Jan (Sat)   4.00 – 5.45pm


Bukit Timah Shopping CentreBugis (ICB Enterprise House)
24 Jan (Sun)   4 – 5.45pm22 Jan (Fri)   5.00 – 6.45pm 

Sign Up for Regular Class & Enjoy Special Savings

  1. All sign-ups will enjoy a $50 discount + additional $50 waiver of registration fee
  2. All sign-ups will receive a $50 bonus credit (for holiday programs)

Parents Involvement

  • Parents highly encouraged (not compulsory) to turn up after the trial lesson
  • Gather feedback about your child and how we can help to improve his/her grades
  • If your child is satisfied with the trial lesson, lock in the special discount when you register for class on the day of the trial lesson

Register for Experience Day!
The event is free is suited for new students to Making Sense and expected to be a full house. Seats are limited and base on a first-come-first-serve basis. Do bring a friend along too! You will enjoy a referral fee of $50 if your friend decides to sign up for our weekly classes after experience day! 

Student Details

This event is only suitable for new students.

Are you a current Making Sense student?

J1 Headstart Experiential Trial Lesson

J2 Diagnostic Assessment + Organic Chemistry Signature Lesson

Parents are highly encouraged to accompany their child at the end of the session. You can speak with our tutors, gather feedback about their child and discuss how we can help your child score better grades. If your child is satisfied with the trial lesson, you will enjoy a special discount when you register for class on the day of the experiential trial lesson!

Will parent(s) accompany their child at the end of the lesson?

Making Sense is now part of the Indigo Group, you may be contacted by representatives of either Making Sense or Indigo Education Group. See you soon!

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