Making Sense Experience Day

JC 2 – Your final countdown to A-Level

JC 1 – Solidfy your foundations before the storm comes 

Free Experience Day – Limited Seats Left

Dear students!

Making Sense Experience Day is here, and we would like you to join us!

If you are a JC2 student preparing for your A-level examination or a student who has just made a quantum leap to JC1, we have formulated the perfect blueprint for you to ace your A-Level!

EVENT IS FREE & Limited seats are available. Register now to secure your space!

J2 Students: Your Final Countdown to A-Level

Ace Organic Chem. Going beyond the syllabus to secure your distinction with novel reactions and mechanisms

  • Tackle unseen reactions with confidence by dissecting them into simpler parts
  • Step by step guidance to learn the best practices to solve questions
  • Refine your application skills to effectively solve higher-order questions 

Date : 3 May 2021, Monday
Time : 10am-12.30pm
Venue : Bugis, ICB Building

JC 1 Students: Get the fundamentals right with Chemical Bonding

  • Be enlightened with concepts of hybridization
  • Solve complicated dot and cross diagrams within a short time frame
  • Refine your thinking process and the proper technique to solving higher order exam-grade questions

Date : 3 May 2021, Monday
Time : 1pm-3.30pm
Venue : Bugis, ICB Building

Sign Up for Regular Class & Enjoy Special Savings

  1. All sign-ups will enjoy a $50 discount + an additional $50 waiver of registration fee
  2. All sign-ups will receive a $50 bonus credit (for holiday programs)

Parents Involvement

  • Parents highly encouraged (not compulsory) to turn up after the trial lesson
  • Gather feedback about your child and how we can help to improve his/her grades
  • If your child is satisfied with the trial lesson, lock in the special discount when you register for class on the day of the trial lesson

Register for Experience Day!
The event is free. Seats are limited and base on a first-come-first-serve basis. Do bring a friend along too! You will enjoy a referral fee of $50 if your friend decides to sign up for our weekly classes after experience day! 

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