Energising Study Break Ideas

July 11,2018

Rarely has any person ever found studying to be enjoyable, but few dispute its importance. Yet, no matter how important something is, no one can do it for long without their minds just losing focus, especially when it’s not something they enjoy doing. Thus, this highlights how crucial it is to take occasional breaks in between your study sessions.

However, not only is taking a short break to refresh your mind a necessity but what you choose to do during your break is equally as important and is something that should be taken note of. Here are some study break ideas that can help you freshen up, relieve stress, and to get you ready to start on your next set of notes.

  1. Go for a short jog or run

After sitting for an extended period of time, you may start to feel drowsy and this will affect the amount of information you can absorb and decrease your productivity levels. Getting out of your seat to go for a run may be beneficial for your brain to let off some steam, and to enjoy a bit of sunlight. The vitamin D you can get from sunlight also helps to regulate your mood, and aids in fighting off depression and anxiety.

  1. Yoga/stretching exercises

Doing yoga and stretching is also a good way to take a break from your workload. Not only does it help relieve stress, yoga will also help you to relax and loosen your muscles which have been stiffened by long periods of sitting in the same posture. You don’t require much to do yoga, and there are so many forms you can try out and have fun with.

  1. Take a shower

What better way to refresh yourself, than to take a nice shower? Especially on hot days, where fatigue sets into your mind quicker than usual, taking a nice cold shower is sure to revitalise you and sustain you in your studying.

  1. Engage your creativity

How do you usually express yourself? Through song or dance? Poetry or paint? Whatever it is, if you enjoy doing so, take a few moments out of your study schedules to do it. Expressing yourself and your creativity is key to letting your mind unwind, relieving yourself of all the stress that’s been building up inside you. You can even do some cooking, if that’s how you’d like to express yourself. Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time on your hobbies and forget about studying

  1. Fix up a healthy snack

Another great idea for a study break that will reenergise you is to fix up a healthy snack or salad. Not only will it nourish you and help keep you awake, you can also engage your creativity and come up with new recipes or ingredients to put together to make your perfect salad. Just stay clear of junk food as it will make you lethargic and drowsy, and is definitely a bad idea if you want to continue studying.