(Dec’19) Holiday Revision Crash Course

Work with top Chemistry tutors this holiday

Crystal Clear Delivery

Be enlighted by our tutors as they expertly link up all the intricate concepts in a way that simply makes sense. Often, we go beyond the syllabus to give you a complete understanding.

Top Quality Materials

Our study materials are known to be comprehensive, clear, concise and well-structured. Students often rely heavily on our materials to give them an extra edge to ace their examinations.

Theory to Application

We prepare you for application to high-order questions. You will receive step-by-step guidance to approach questions and navigate through your thought process. You will learn the most effective and fastest way to approach and solve questions. 

Consultations and After-Class Support

Your learning doesn’t stop in class. Students are welcome to send questions to our tutors via Whatsapp. We will respond to your needs.

The most sought-after Chemistry tuition in Singapore with over 800 students every year

97% of students show improvement in grades

90% of our students achieve A or B grade for their A-Level

92% achieve at least a B3 for their O-level examinations

We know best how to help you make sense of Chemistry

Course Schedule

Crash course topics are conducted only at Bugis outlet

A-level Crash Course Topics

*Smaller topics are conducted in 1 lesson while larger topics require 2 lessons. For these topics, students are required to attend both days.

* Bridging Program to JC 2 is compulsory for new students in 2020. You will learn important Organic Chemistry concepts and studying techniques exclusively formulated by Making Sense. Attend either Slot A or Slot B (Both sessions are repeated).

* Bridging program to JC 1 in 2020 will be available in Jan 2020.

* Make-up options are available, please inform us in advance. 

O-level Crash Course Topics

* 4 hours lessons (or more) will have a 60 mins break. 

* Make-up options are available, please inform us in advance. 

Bundle Promotion

4 topics- 10% discount  

6 topics- 15% discount 

All topics- 20% discount [ BEST VALUE !! ]

Money-Back Guarantee

We have the privilege of working successfully with thousands of ex-students and are confident you will benefit from it. We take immense pride in our work and in an unlikely event that you felt the program was worthless and unproductive, we will offer you a 100% refund of your fees. (Terms and conditions apply)


Financial Aid

Students with genuine financial concerns may apply for financial aid. Please feel free to let us know. We will be happy to help 🙂

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