When is the best time to study? Morning or evening?

September 27,2017

When is the best time to study? This is a question which has no definite answer. It is one of those endless debates amongst students; to study in the morning or to study in the evening? To be completely honest, there is no right or wrong answer to that question. It all depends on each individual.

Some get more out of studying in the morning, while some find the best time to study in the evening. However, both sides do have its benefits.

Studying in the morning

1. You will have more energy

After a good night’s sleep, you may find that morning is the best time to study as that is the time where you will have the most energy. When you have more energy, your ability to concentrate is higher. You will also have more chances of remembering what you learnt as your brain is fresh, hence you can absorb more information.

2. It is second nature to you

Waking up in the morning to study is easy as it is almost like second nature to you. It is also easier to adapt and stick to as your body wakes up naturally anyway. You may find that you will also have a more positive attitude when you wake up to study in the morning.

3. Study with friends

Most people are contactable during the day. Which means you will be able to ask for help if you have any questions. Also, you will be able to study together with your friends. Studying with your friends can be an excellent way to learn and grasp difficult topics.

4. No effect on your sleep cycle

Studying in the morning means that your sleep cycle will not be disturbed. Instead, it will also help you to improve your sleep cycle as you tend to sleep earlier for better study in the morning. You will also be more focused and will not have to worry about falling asleep on your exam day. (Do not forget that your exams are conducted in the morning.)

5. Better for your eyes


Studying in the morning gives you access to natural lighting which is better than artificial lighting from your study lamp. Artificial lighting can harm your eyesight.

Studying at night

People are more active during the day. Studying at night gives you the peace and quiet that you need which may help you to concentrate better on your studying. It is a time where you will have little to no distractions.

2. For those who are not a morning person


For those who always find it hard to wake up in the morning, studying at night may help you to focus better and complete your task at night. It can be beneficial.

3. More creative 

According to some studies, you tend to be more creative when studying at night.

4. More relaxed

Knowing that everyone around you is asleep, the silent tranquillity of the night can make you more relaxed. You may even find that you will have more time to study and do your own research. Also, when you are more relaxed, you can focus more on studying.

There is no “best time to study”. It all depends on you. If you feel that you can study better in the morning, then study in the morning. If you feel that you study best at night, then study at night. In the end, it ultimately depends on your individual preferences.