What We Do

Making Sense is an award-winning tuition centre in Singapore that specialises in Chemistry tuition for A’ Level and O’ Level students. In addition to group tuition, we also offer personal consultations to students to ensure effective personalised learning. Our classes deliver in-depth knowledge and thorough understanding of Chemistry concepts to students. We use teaching methodologies specific to Chemistry that are effective in maximising learning. Lessons are enlivened with stories and anecdotes from everyday life to make the subject come alive for the students. It is our goal to provide the best Chemistry tuition in Singapore that delivers top results consistently

Teaching Methodologies

We use teaching methodologies specific to Chemistry that are effective to maximise learning.

Stories and Anecdotes

We enliven lessons with stories and anecdotes from everyday life to make the subject come alive for the students.

Personal Consultations

We are well aware students will need one-to-one consultations. They are highly encouraged to arrange for consultations whenever necessary. Consultations are completely free of charge. We want our students to maximise their learning with us!

Wiliam PotraitWilliam Lin

Founder of Making Sense Learning Centre

A-Level Tutor

With over 10 years of teaching experience and exclusive features in the media, Mr William Lin is perhaps one of the most sought-after Chemistry Tutors in Singapore. Well-liked for his patience, clarity and ability to simplify complicated concepts, over 500 students join Making Sense every year to be coached by this award-winning Super Tutor. Mr William founded Making Sense with an aspiration to change the notion that chemistry is a mundane subject that few will excel in. He wanted students to realise that learning chemistry need not be a struggle, and that Chemistry does have many fascinating possibilities to offer. A firm believer that learning should be fun, Mr William enlivens his lessons with stories, jokes and everyday anecdotes. He’s seen over 97% of his students show improvement in their grades, with many going on to score excellent grades in their A-level examinations. Under his tutelage, many who had believed Chemistry to be their most feared subject saw Chemistry becoming their favourite one instead. Mr William’s students not only regard him as a tutor, but as a mentor and a source of inspiration.

Mr William achieved academic excellence during his undergraduate days and was placed on the NUS Faculty of Science Dean’s List. Upon graduation, he took up a scholarship offered by NUS to pursue a PhD. in medicinal chemistry. During his scholarship, William assisted NUS as a teaching assistant and his excellence in teaching has been recognised with a “Teaching Assistance Award”. This prestigious award is presented only to the top 1% of teaching assistants out of more than 1000 candidates.

While pursuing his PhD, Mr William embarked on his exciting journey as an educator with the creation of Making Sense. Word spread quickly about his excellent teaching and within a short span of 2 years, Making Sense rapidly grew to hundreds of students. As commitments with students grew, it became increasingly difficult to manage both research studies and teaching. Having gained immense value and fulfillment in his work as an educator, Mr William decided to forgo his scholarship and devote his life to full-time teaching. While many commented that it was a waste not to complete his studies, to William, it was simply a matter of following his passion, doing what he is really good at, and choosing a path where he can genuinely make a difference in the lives of others.

Now, Mr William personally tutors more than 500 students every year. Year after year, he has never failed to inspire his students to excel in Chemistry. His students have been consistently producing exceptional results of approximately 90% As and Bs for their A’ Level. William’s extraordinary success has led to him being awarded numerous awards. To date, he is the only Chemistry Super Tutor in Singapore to be recognized with these prestigious awards.

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Jeffrey Ang

O-Level Tutor

Mr Ang is an ex-MOE teacher with more than 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience. After pursuing his sponsored studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS), he went on to complete his Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at the National Institute of Education. He subsequently taught at the junior college and secondary school levels. In schools, he was actively involved in the review of lesson materials and setting and marking of tests and examinations. His familiarity with both the ‘O’ and ‘A’ syllabus allows him to impart concepts often not taught in school. By simplifying abstract concepts, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the demands of the new syllabus. Majority of his students made tremendous improvement under his guidance and many went on to secure excellent grades in their GCE O-Level examination.


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