A Guide to Choose Right Chemistry Tuition for Your Child

July 24,2020

In recent years, H2 Chemistry tuition centers in Singapore have become commonplace thing. More and more students and parents have realized that with hectic nature of schedules in schools or JCs, it would be difficult to manage satisfactory results in chemistry and therefore they look for best chemistry tutor.

So, here are the guidelines that help you find a good chemistry tutor for your child:

  • Performance of past year batch is indeed important to know– Results of past year students in chemistry exams at both A-level and O-level would help you determine the worth of the tuition center and faculty. The grade improvement of past students in the long run with consistency should be the focus point for parent and student.
  • Teaching experience of faculty – One should scrutinize well the experience of tutors. You can find many tuition centers branding their faculty as trained one and the best chemistry tutor in Singapore, but make sure to check the relevant teaching experience. We recommend looking for a faculty having at least 10-12 years of valid experience in teaching chemistry.
  • Academic Background of Faculty is also important– Students should know that accredited certification as mentioned by chemistry tutor is even relevant and applicable to Singapore syllabus or not.
  • Method of Teaching is also crucial- Every student is different and what method fits for one can’t be same for another. Tuition centers therefore focus on personalized attention to student. Best of chemistry tutors in Singapore adds versatility in style of teaching the H2 chemistry to make student get the clear understanding of topic.
  • Atmosphere and Setting– This also plays important part which is mostly neglected. Conducive place to learn which goes beyond those two hour repetitive and uninteresting lectures for chemistry is what a parent should look as well.

Overall finding H2 chemistry tuition which works in tandem with the students is not difficult, all you need is to take few considerations as mentioned above to choose the best chemistry tutor from widespread alternatives available in Singapore to make your child have excelling foundation in H2 chemistry.