8 signs you need chemistry tuition

November 08,2016

1. You start having panic attacks at the mention of a chemistry test

“But I have not done any revision for the past few weeks! Am I supposed to just give myself a chemistry crash course within the next 48 hours?”

‘Enter panic mode’

2. “Teacher, are these written in sign language?”

No matter how much you studied, the chemistry question paper would still appear as if it is written in some sign language.

3. You do not understand a single joke from the Chemistry Cat Meme

4. Thus, you forced your brain into thinking that the Chemistry Cat Meme is real

“If it knows so much about chemistry, it can definitely give me the best chemistry tuition!”

Or so you try to deceive yourself.
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5. You gave up being an artist because of your loathe to draw chemical compounds

6. Balancing a chemistry equation forced your brain to collapse

7. You scored high for all your subjects, except chemistry

Everyone around you feels that you would be pretty good at chemistry, given your proficiency in other subjects. And then you see the look of disappointment on their face when you tell them you do not know the answer to the chemistry question.

8. You sweat buckets when someone tells you that “we have chemistry”

You do not want to associate yourself with anything that is even remotely related to chemistry, because chemistry scares you.

If you are experiencing all these signs, it is time to get yourself the best chemistry tuition in Singapore. Whether you are taking O-level or A-level chemistry, Mr William Lin of Making Sense will help you make sense of chemistry and alleviate your frustrations in grasping chemistry theories.


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