5 Tips to Excel in Chemistry- Making Sense

5 Tips to Excel in Chemistry

December 23,2021

Chemistry is one of the main subjects in science and it is a subject that you can neither love nor hate. Filled with interesting formulas that rock your brain and complex calculations that can be brain twisting, there are certain tricks of the trade that can help you ace this subject.

Let’s find out what are they:

  1. Always prepare before attending a class

Although it might seem contradictory, reading up before a class can actually help you learn better. Once your mind has already been through a lesson once, you retain some of the information which is then cleared better in a classroom.

  1. Stop rote learning

Rote learning can only get you so far. Blankly memorizing concepts without understanding the basics won’t help in the long run. Instead try to get into the concept of each topic and once each topic is clear, putting up an answer becomes smooth sailing.

  1. Don’t miss out on lab sessions

Chemistry is incomplete without lab sessions. Until you mix and match chemicals to produce wonderful results, it’s no fun. And in all the fun, you end up learning a lot. A lot many concepts are learnt while doing a practical session.

  1. Don’t study chemistry when feeling sleepy

Yes, that is a point to remember if you want to excel in chemistry. Don’t put off chemistry for the end of the day when you are bound to feel tired. That way you won’t learn anything. Instead work on chemistry with a fresh set of minds when you can grasp formulae easily.

  1. Take up tuition classes and practice a lot

Another great way to ace this subject is to take up a good tuition class where you can get a better understanding of concepts. Lastly, whatever you do, practice makes all the difference. More the practice better the results.

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