5 things to do with your kids before they turn 21

March 17,2017

“They grow up way too fast!”

It will seem as if it was just yesterday when you woke up at 3:00 AM to change their diapers. But time flies, and they are now buried deep in their assessment books, preparing for their upcoming PSLE. There are some things that are best done when they are still in their adolescence.

Here are 5 things you need to do with your kids before they grow any bigger.

1. Decorate a cutesy bedroom

Have you seen those gorgeous Pinterest pictures floating about for kids’ bedrooms? It has to be done when they are little, before their walls are decorated with posters of 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction.

2. Throw them a really memorable McDonald’s birthday party

There is a reason why almost every kid who ever had a birthday party at McDonald’s remembers them fondly – they are intimate, they allow your kids to feel like the most important person on that day, and they get Happy Meals.

Most importantly, you get a dozen hilarious photos of your kid in an ill-fitted party hat.

3. Stay at the beach the whole day

It can be a joy to watch them build sandcastles, or see them chasing (or running away) from the sea waves, all while they are still young and do not have an account on Instagram. Once they are past a certain age,
all they might want to do at the beach is to take #OOTDs of themselves in barely-there bikinis.

4. Give him/her piggyback rides

Yes, he or she is perfectly capable of walking. But someday, he or she will be too big for you to carry—on your shoulders, in your arms or attached, koala-like, to your leg—and you will miss having that little monkey on your back.

5. Make a time capsule together with them

Before they are sensible enough to retort: “But Ma, everything can be stored on Facebook what!”