5 amazing things you can never experience in school

December 22,2016

1. Mini-consultations

How often have you suppressed that pressing question you wanted to ask your teacher in school, for fear of judging looks or resentment groans from your classmates?

At Making Sense, you will get the help you desperately need from your chemistry tutors. In between lessons, they would conduct mini-consultations with each individual student in order to ensure that they have the opportunity to clarify any concepts they do not understand.

2. Chemistry concepts and theories come to life

Mr. William believes that lecturing is like a performance. He puts in extra effort into little details, like the way he speaks to his mannerism, to ensure that his lessons “come to life”. Using a wide array of technologies, like smart boards, tablets, and YouTube videos, students feel more engaged during his lessons and thus, their brain starts to become more receptive towards chemistry theories and concepts.

3. Extremely approachable tutors

When your chemistry tutor is extremely approachable, you would feel more at ease in asking questions. And, when you start asking questions, it shows that your brain is actively engaged in learning.

At Making Sense, besides the mini consultations in between classes, there are also one-to-one coaching sessions to help students who need additional guidance. This combination of approachability and dedicated tutors is one of the reasons why 90% of the students at Making Sense achieve A or B grade for their A level.

4. Learning notes that are better than what you get in school

At Making Sense, the notes are meticulously prepared to ensure that they are detailed, yet concise. If these notes were to be compiled into a book for sale in commercial bookstores, it may be one of the best sellers. Students often rely heavily on these learning notes to ace their examinations.

5. You can wear anything you want

If you are the kind of people who needs to kick off their shoes and wear something comfortable in order to absorb theories and concepts, you would find that learning at Making Sense is so much more conducive when you are in comfortable clothing!

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