28 Common Mistakes Students Make in their Exams

October 04,2018

Remember when you misread what’s being asked and simply answer it in the wrong way during a test? Or when you were sitting in that test and wondering why you finished a good 10 minutes before everyone else only to find with one minute left that there was a back page?

Stupid mistakes we’ve made throughout our time in school could actually be avoided. So, have you learned from your mistakes? Because A/O level exams are coming, and you should kick these silly mistakes out now!

We’ve compiled a list of 28 common mistakes that others made so you don’t have to:

1. Never attempting a full practice paper in one go until the exam
2. Not making the most of your study periods
3. Misreading the question
4. Getting the exams date wrong
5. Getting the wrong time for an exam
6. Arriving late to your exam
7. Panicking during or before an exam
8. Doing the wrong section of the paper… one that you actually didn’t take in school
9. Not looking at the clock
10. Thinking that you have enough time to finish up
11. Not allocating enough time per question
12. Not checking your answers
13. Bringing only 1 pen to the exam hall
14. Having illegible handwriting
15. Leaving questions unanswered
16. Drinking too much water before your exam
17. Forgetting to convert your units in maths/science
18. Deciding to pull an all-nighter the night before an exam
19. Thinking that group study is ineffective
20. Not joining Making Sense for Chemistry tuition*
21. Making basic calculation errors
22. Providing multiple answers and hoping that one is correct
23. Not using a pencil and ruler for diagrams in Science
24. Taking easy questions for granted
25. Dwelling on a question you can’t answer
26. Adding up how many marks you think you got
27. Leaving the exam room early
28. Not moving on after a bad exam

*Tried & trusted by many Grade As & Bs students