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Overview & Objectives

Chemistry & Physics

  • Students will gain a comprehensive review of key concepts, followed by exposure to a wide range of application questions to hone their question-solving skills

Strong After-Class Support

  • Your learning doesn’t stop in the class. Students will benefit from the additional WhatsApp support from our tutors. Students in the weekly class may also arrange for FOC consultations to clarify their doubts. 

*All lessons will be recorded for students to make-up, followed by a free consultation session with tutors

Financial Aid Available

  • Students with genuine financial concerns may apply for financial aid. Please feel free to let us know. We will be happy to help 🙂

How do I attend lessons and get access to the lesson materials?

1. Fill in the registration form below to indicate the topics that you will like to attend

2. Our administrators will process your sign up and follow up with payment details via internet banking

3. Upon payment, students will be given a link to download materials

4. As pre-lesson materials and preparation is required for some subjects, we highly encourage students to register early to gain access to the materials to maximise their learning

5. For students attending the physical lessons, just show up on time for the class.

6. For students attending live stream, you will be given the zoom meeting link upon payment. 10 mins before the lesson begins, you may log into the zoom platform and be placed in a waiting room. All students are screened before they can enter the meeting room

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For MS students: Please take note that MS$ (credits) can only be used for Chemistry courses and not other subjects. MS$ will automatically be offset in the computation of fees. Your balance MS$ can be located in the E-learning Portal account. Please contact admins if you require any assistance.

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