10 ways you can show appreciation to your dad this Father’s Day

May 30,2017

A father is someone who stands beside you so that you never fall, a man who puts your needs before his. He is the man who wants the best for you, both emotionally and physically. And he is also the man who is always there for us when we need a shoulder to cry on.

We think that he will always be there for us, and he is. But, we forget that time waits for no one, that he too will grow old. We also forget that when we grow old, we get too busy with life that we forget to spend time with our dads.

Father’s day is around the corner, and it is the perfect opportunity to show your father how much you care for him and how much you love him. Here are 10 ways you can show appreciation to your dad this father’s day.

1. Hand-made gift card

Forget store bought cards. Show your creativity and art skills this father’s day. Handmade items are always much appreciated and special because it is the only one in the world. Your dad will be surprised unless you fail terribly at Art. Regardless, he will love it.

2. Show him your report card


Though this may be nerve wrecking, you can always show your dad your report card to let him know how you are doing in school; Your dad may be overjoyed to know that you are doing well on a tough subject like chemistry. Which parent won’t be glad that their child is doing well in school? Just make sure not to show him a failing grade.

3. Ask him about his childhood

There is nothing more that screams ‘I care about you’ than expressing an interest in their life. This father’s day, ask your dad to tell you about his childhood over a cup of tea. Maybe even ask him to share with you about his ‘colourful’ school life.

4. Thank him for his guidance

Your dad has always been there for you ever since you were born. He took care of you and taught you. He was there since the beginning. Thank him for his guidance this father’s day. It is always nice to know that you appreciate all that he did for you since childbirth.

5. Study with you

Or, you can be a little interesting this Father’s Day. Ask him to join you in a study session. You never know, the two of you may end up debating about which formula is right and which formula is wrong. Or, the two of you may be stumped on the same topic together.


6. Play a game with him

Drop the television remote and the computer. Go for the old good fashion way of having fun and play a game with your dad this coming Father’s Day. Let him know that he has your full attention. Maybe a game of Scrabble where the two of you try to come out with words out of a chemistry textbook. Or… do this:


7. Talk with him

Because of his busy schedule and your never-ending homework, the both of you probably do not have the time to have a nice chat with each other. Go out, walk around town and have a nice heart to heart talk with him.


8. Cook for him

Like the old saying ‘ The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. This father’s day, cook something nice for him to show that you love him.

9. Ask him to teach you

Your dad has a lifetime of experience. The same as you, your father has to go through school as well. Ask him to teach you chemistry this Father’s Day. It shows him how much you respect him.

10. Thank him

Lastly, thank your dad for all that he has done for you. Letting your dad know how much you appreciate him all these years is the best gift he needs. Thank him for being your father, for being the guiding light in your teenage life.