10 Things You Can Do this June Holiday to Increase Your Intelligence

April 05,2018

Feeling bored this June holiday? Want to take a break from the grind and learn something that’ll help you develop your mind? We’ve got a few suggestions that might just give your brains a boost! Give any one of these myriad activities a shot if you want to become more intelligent by the time the school term begins.

1) Review Films
Movies are a testament to how a mix of technical expertise, acting ability, musical cues and directorial genius can invoke a multitude of emotions in their target audience. This holiday, watch and analyse a few critically acclaimed films to dissect exactly what makes these movies so compelling if you want to understand and appreciate the nuance of human reactions.

2) Learn to play an instrument
Ever wanted to serenade your peers with a guitar solo or impress your parents with a masterful piece on the piano? We suggest learning how to play an instrument this holiday. Not only does it look really cool, but studies have shown that learning music could very well improve memory, augment finger coordination and increase your mental discipline.

3) Take photography courses
If you’ve come across a particularly aesthetic Instagram page and you want to know how they shot all those photos, the June holidays are your chance to find out. Take up photography courses to learn all about composition, shape, form, patterns and other elements. Photography gives you an excellent avenue for artistic expression, so you can develop yourself creatively.

4) Take up a Sport
Don’t just sit at home and watch TV all day – play some sports with your friends. In addition to developing a more acute and refined sense of teamwork, sports also increases your hand-eye coordination and develops your ability to make snap judgements based on instantaneous analyses of external surroundings, which is a skill that could be useful in many circumstances.

5) Learn How to Code
The future is digital, and the key to that future lies in learning how to code. With a few weeks of practice, a gifted amateur could begin to figure out how to write programs, create web pages and design software – which sounds like an awfully productive use of the June Holidays. Nothing says “intelligent” like being able to create your own app.

6) Read a Good Book
Books are the window to the human spirit. Every book worth reading contains an analysis of the human condition, celebrating our collective triumphs or dissecting our collective follies. Learning how to understand those themes might lead to questions of your own regarding the nature of humanity, and if you pursue these themes deep enough you might just end up with a more critical, inquiring mind by the end of these holidays

7) Volunteer
There’s nothing that feels better than helping someone in need. Whether you’re helping a friend with his studies or befriending the residents of an old folk’s home, volunteering is a great way to give back to society while developing a sense of empathy. It’s also an informative means of learning about the needs of different communities and individuals, so as to create a more holistic understanding of Singaporean society.

8) Go to a Museum
If you’ve ever lamented the lack of culture or arts in sterile Singapore, you should try visiting our museums every now and then. There’s a wealth of cultural heritage and artistic masterpieces just waiting to be discovered by folks eager to devour and analyse the themes, histories and meanings behind our artefacts and art installations. Drop by any of our many museums to get some culture (at no cost, if you’re a Singaporean)!

9) Learn to Cook
Cooking is applied science. Using a working understanding of practical chemistry, biology and physics, chefs have devised a myriad of methods to create the delicious dishes we all relish. Put your scientific prowess to work this holiday in the kitchen by learning how to whip up a scrumptious meal before school starts. Furthermore, research suggests that the art of cooking could actually have a de-stressing, positive impact on one’s mental health.

10) Go to the Theatre
Movies are great and television is addictive, but there’s something quite distinct about watching an epic, comedy or tragedy unfold on the live stage before you. Be enthralled by the sheer virtuosity of the performance before you as you begin to evaluate how direction, music, body language and stage presence contribute to the unsubtle manipulation of the audience’s emotional reactions

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